Council Chambers 3rd September 1872.

Present the Mayor and Aldermen Henderson, Conley, Smith and Bedford.

The minutes of previous meeting were read, and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Conley and Bedford.


1. Letter from the Department of Lands informing the Council that Lord Street, having been aligned by Government Gazette notice of the 22nd ultimo, is now in charge of the Municipal authorities of Newtown.

Moved by Alderman Smith, seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the Clerk make application for a copy of the plan of Lord Street as aligned”. Carried.

2 and 3. From the Municipal Councils of Alexandria and Macdonald Town, agreeing to meet at the Newtown Council Chamber on Tuesday the 10th instant, for the purpose of considering the correspondence received from Captain Pockley respecting the opening of a Road over the Waterloo estate between “Kings Clear” and Raglan street.

4. From Major Lowe, respecting the representation of this colony at the International Exhibition, to be held in London next year. Moved by Alderman Henderson, seconded by Alderman Bedford, “that advertisements be inserted in the daily papers informing the inhabitants of Newtown that a subscription list in aid of the above object is now open at the Council Chambers and that the Mayor will be glad to forward any subscriptions to the honorary Treasurer (Mr Joseph Thompson).

5. From Mr G. Gardner complaining of a nuisance in Bishopsgate Street. Moved by Alderman Smith, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that Mr Gardner be informed, that the attention of the Inspector of Nuisances will be called to the nuisance complained of”. Carried.


The Finance Committee brought up a report of accounts paid under votes of appropriation amounting to £13/12/10, and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £39/18/0. Moved by Alderman Henderson, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that the report be received and adopted “. Carried.

Enmore Road:

The Mayor informed the Council that the money promised by the Government towards the cost of widening that portion of the Enmore Road between Juliet and Francis streets is now available for the purpose, and he would endeavour, with the Mayor of Marrickville, to complete the matter in accordance with the surveyors report.

The Council then rose.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.

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