Council Chambers 2nd. June 1868.

Present the Mayor and Alderman Cozens, Curtis, Goodsell, Conley and Bedford.

The minutes of previous meeting read, and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Conley and Bedford.


1. Letter from the Reverend G. Hurst, complaining of a nuisance caused by the drivers and conductors of omnibuses shouting unnecessarily loud for fares on Sundays, when passing or opposite to places of public worship during divine service.

The Clerk was instructed to reply, and inform the Reverend G. Hurst that the nuisance complained of shall be immediately attended to by the Inspector of Nuisances.

2. From Mr J. Gardiner calling the attention of Council to persons washing omnibuses on Trafalgar Terrace. The Clerk was instructed to call the attention of the Inspector of Nuisances to the above complaint.

3. From Messrs Rolin and Salter, solicitors for Miss Dransfield, Case 1908, Lands Titles Office, giving notice to at once withdraw caveat against the above application, or the Council will be held liable for compensation for damage or injury that may be sustained by reason of such caveat being lodged.

The Mayor said he had instructed the Clerk to reply and refer Messrs Rolin and Salter to the solicitors to the Council respecting the above matter.

4. From Mr W. Hansford asking to be employed by the Council as a day labourer. Letter referred to the Improvement Committee for their consideration.


1. The Finance Committee brought up a report of accounts paid under votes of appropriation amounting to £58/19/6 and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £9/16/1. Report adopted on the motion of Aldermen Curtis and Goodsell.

2. In the absence of Alderman Galvin, through illness (the chair of the Improvement Committee), Aldermen Conley read the following report, agreed to by the Newtown and Marrickville Improvement Committees, respecting works to be performed on the Edgeware Road (the same being a boundary road of the two Municipalities), as follows:-

1. To lay down an open stone watercourse between Messrs Goodsell’s and Smidmore’s fences.

2. To form the roadway, 42 feet wide, about 31 chains in length.

3. To lay down drain pipes across the said Road.

4. To clean out the watercourse in Mr Smidmore’s paddock.

5. Each Council to pay an equal proportion towards the cost of performing the whole of the Works.

Report adopted on the motion of Aldermen Conley and Bedford.

Motion pursuant to notice:

Moved by Alderman Cozens, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that tenders be called for forming a portion of the Edgeware Road, also the construction of an open stone watercourse across the said Road in accordance with the Improvement Committee’s report.” Carried unanimously.

The Mayor drew the attention of Council to the following erroneous report, published in last Saturday’s Evening News, respecting the appeal against the assessment of the Camperdown Cemetery, viz., in the case of some land belonging to a burial ground reduced from £60 to £25.

The Cemetery in question was assessed by the Council at £50, and was confirmed at the Appeal Court.

On the motion of Aldermen Cozens and Conley, the Mayor was authorised to instruct the Clerk to have removed Mr Goodsell’s fence on the Edgeware Road to the building alignment of the Road as surveyed by the Government.

The Council then rose.

Signed William Curtis, Chairman pro tem.

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