Council Chambers 1st December 1868.

Present the Mayor, and Aldermen Conley, Curtis, Bailey, Goodsell and Cozens.

The minutes of previous meeting read, when Alderman Bailey moved, “that the following words be inserted in the minute book after the word adjourned, Viz., in consequence of the continued interruptions of Alderman Bedford. Seconded by Alderman Curtis, put, and carried. Moved by Alderman Curtis, seconded by Alderman Bailey, “that the minutes as amended be confirmed.” Carried.


1. Letter from the Secretary to the Newtown Masonic Lodge in reference to hire of the Hall.

2. From the Government Printer in reference to a new publication of the Municipalities Act of 1867 with notes thereon by C. St. Julien, Mayor of Marrickville. Moved by Alderman Bailey, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that the Clerk be instructed to order four copies of the work.” Carried.

3. From Mr J. Cole requesting Council to Kerb and Gutter opposite his property on the Enmore Road. Alderman Cozens said he would hand in a notice of motion to carry out the request contained in the letter.

4. From certain ratepayers of the Kingston Ward, as follows:- “we, the undersigned, the ratepayers of the Kingston Ward, having been informed that you have received a petition against lighting the Municipality with gas with our names attached thereto purporting to be our signatures, we desire to inform you that the signatures in question have been placed on the said petition without our consent, we also beg to state that we are favourable to lighting the streets in this Municipality.”

Moved by Alderman Curtis, seconded by Alderman Cozens, “that a Special Committee of the whole Council be called to consider the matter, and inquire as to the genuineness of the signatures attached to the petition in question.” Carried.


The Finance Committee brought up a report of accounts amounting to £127/7/8. Report adopted on the motion of Aldermen Curtis and Conley.

Moved by Alderman Bailey seconded by Alderman Curtis, “that the Clerk be instructed to write to the Trustees of the Cooks River Road, asking them to meet this Council in reference to lighting the said Road within this Borough.” Carried.

Alderman Curtis stated, in explanation to a statement made at the last meeting, that he had been informed by two respectable ratepayers that the reason they had signed the petition against gas was because they were informed by Aldermen Galvin and Bedford that they would have to pay one shilling or very likely one shilling and threepence in the pound. This was positively denied by Alderman Bedford. Alderman Curtis would not now have alluded to the matter had not four of the ratepayers called at his house since the last meeting, saying they were surprised that Alderman Bedford should have denied having made such statement, and further, four ratepayers in question were prepared at anytime to substantiate that such statements was made in their presence.

The Mayor reported what steps had been taken by Borough Councils with regard to obtaining control over omnibuses plying to the Suburbs licensed by the City Council.

On the motion of Aldermen Curtis and Conley the Council went into committee to consider what steps should be taken in reference to Mr P. Macken’s contract for Kerbing and Guttering in the Kingston Ward.

Council having resumed, the Mayor reported that the Committee recommended that Mr Macken be allowed one-month extra beyond the contact time provided the work be proceeded with on the 7th. instant. Report adopted, on the motion of Aldermen Curtis and Cozens.

In reply to a question by Alderman Bailey, in reference to the purchase of this building, and the opening of a Free Library — the Mayor said the matter was in the hands of the Council’s solicitors, who were preparing the necessary documents as speedily as possible, and he hoped that everything would be arranged so that the library would be opened by the 1st. January next.

On motion of Aldermen Bailey and Curtis Council went into Committee to consider tenders for Kerbing and Guttering to be laid down in the Kingston and O’Connell Wards, when it was moved by Alderman Cozens, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that the tenders of Mr Selby’s at five shillings and three shillings and ten pence per yard be accepted.” Carried.

Council having resumed the Mayor reported the resolution of committee, when it was moved by Alderman Curtis, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that the report be adopted.” Carried.

The Council then rose.

Signed Henry Munro, Mayor.


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