Council Chambers 3rd November 1868.

Present the Mayor and Alderman Conley, Curtis, Bailey, Galvin, Gibbons, Bedford, Goodsell and Cozens.


The minutes of the previous meeting read, and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Curtis and Bailey.


1. Letter from the Sydney Water Commission asking for statistical information of the Municipality. The Mayor said he had instructed the Clerk to forward the information required.

2. From Mr Laidly asking the Council to deviate the drainage from the Enmore Road through the properties occupied by Mrs Beames and Mr Henry. Moved by Alderman Galvin, seconded by Alderman Curtis, “that the letter be received and referred to the Improvement Committee for their report.” Carried.

3. From several residents of the South Kingston estate, west of Liberty Street, stating that it is their intention to oppose the proposed annexation of that portion of the Kingston Estate to the Borough of Newtown. On motion of Aldermen Bailey and Galvin, the Clerk was instructed to acknowledge receipt of letter.

4. From the Secretary to the Newtown Masonic Lodge asking whether they can have use of the Hall in this building, and if so, at what rental per night. Moved by Alderman Curtis, seconded by Alderman Cozens, “that the Hall be let to the members of the Newtown Masonic Lodge at the rate of ten shillings per night provided they do not require it the same evenings as the Council hold their meetings.” Carried.

5. From Mrs Thompson asking for information in reference to Mr P. Macken’s contract for Kerbing and Guttering. On motion of Aldermen Cozens and Goodsell, Clerk to furnish the information required.

6. From stone breakers asking for an increase on the present amount for breaking the metal. Moved by Alderman Galvin, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that an additional sum of threepence per yard be paid for breaking the metal.” Carried.


Alderman Goodsell presented a petition from 46 ratepayers of the Enmore Ward against lighting the streets of this Municipality with gas, and moved that it be received; seconded by Alderman Galvin, put, and carried.


The Finance Committee brought up a report of accounts paid under votes of appropriation amounting to £111/5/8, and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £10/16/10. Report adopted on the motion of Aldermen Curtis and Conley.

The Mayor said that petitions had been received for and against lighting the streets of this Municipality with gas; it was now for the Council to determine as to their adoption or otherwise.

After asking several questions, Alderman Goodsell moved, “that the prayer of the following petition be adopted, provided the Council co-operate with the Road Trust in lighting the main Road, Viz., ‘we, the undersigned, householders, owners and other ratepayers of the Borough of Newtown, believing that a system of lighting with gas would benefit the Municipality in the general interest, and greatly promote the comfort and well-being of the inhabitants, desire respectfully to request that the Council will take immediate steps to make provision for lighting with gas the streets of this Municipality, and, if necessary, to levy a small additional rate for that purpose.” seconded by Alderman Bailey.

Amendment moved by Alderman Gibbons, seconded by Alderman Galvin, “that the prayer of the petition be not adopted.”

The Amendment was put — Ayes, 3: Aldermen Gibbons, Galvin and Bedford. Noes, 5: Aldermen Goodsell, Bailey, Curtis, Conley and Cozens.

The Amendment was lost.

The motion was put, Ayes, 5: Aldermen Goodsell, Bailey, Curtis, Conley and Cozens. Noes, 3: Aldermen Gibbons, Galvin and Bedford.

The motion for lighting the streets with gas was carried.

The Council then went into Committee to consider tenders for Kerbing and Guttering to be laid down in the Kingston and O’Connell wards. The Committee adjourned (in consequence of the continued interruptions of Alderman Bedford).

The Council then broke up.

Signed Henry Munro, Mayor.

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