Council Chambers Newtown December 11th 1865.

Present the Chairman and Councillors Kingsbury, Cozens, Conley, Knight, Curtis, Bedford, Hill and Dunlop.

Minutes of proceedings of previous meeting read and confirmed on the motion of Councillors Curtis and Conley.


1. A letter from the Newtown and Cooks River Road Trust, complaining of an injury to the Road by pipe drains having been put at the entrance to Mr Beilers’ coal and timber yard. Letter received on the motion of Councillors Kingsbury and Curtis and Clerk to reply, state particulars and arrange for future similar cases.

2. A letter from Mr D. Peden asking permission for a post at the corner of his property in Hordern Street. Granted on the motion of Councillors Curtis and Bedford.


1. From Committee of Works, received November 27th, adopted on the motion of Councillors Conley and Bedford.

2. From Committee of Finance and recommending accounts amounting to £30.0.9. Report received on the motion of Councillors Knight and Bedford.

3. From Committee of Works respecting the inspection of Denison Lane, the Committee report, “that having inspected the Lane they do not consider the properties of the complainants (Messrs Smith and Weeks) will be injured by the construction of a culvert”. Received on the motion of the Chairman and Councillor Knight.

4. From Surveyor, reporting, “that Mr Hansford’s property in O’Connell Street encroaches two feet six inches”. Report received on the motion of Councillors Curtis and Conley.

Miscellaneous business:

The Chairman stated that Mr Williams had offered about 150 tons of white metal at seven shillings per ton, he did not require the money for six months. Mr Williams offer accepted on the motion of Councillors Curtis and Hill.

The Chairman stated he had placed the land recently purchased near the railway station in the hands of Messrs Richardson and Wrench for sale, it had not been sold, and he required further instructions. Councillor Kingsbury moved, seconded by Councillor Hill, “that the land remain in the hands of Messrs Richardson and Wrench at a reserve of £220.0.0”. Councillor Dunlop moved, seconded by Councillor Bedford, an amendment, “that the reserve price be fixed at £200.0.0”. The original motion was carried.

Councillor Hill moved, seconded by Councillor Curtis, “that steps be taken to have the Lane at the rear of Randle’s terrace opened. There were continual complaints about the matter.” Carried unanimously.

Councillor Knight stated that there was an error in the balance which he would like to have rectified. The Chairman stated the matter was now in the hands of the Finance Committee, who would bring up a report shortly.

Councillor Curtis moved, seconded by Councillor Cozens, “that the Council resolve itself into a Committee of the whole for the purposes of considering tenders for Kerbing and Guttering on the Kingston and a supply of rubble stone for James and Sarah Streets”. Carried unanimously.

The Council having resumed the Chairman reported, “that Mr John Sly’s tender for Kerbing and Guttering had been accepted at five shillings per yard, and Mr P. Macken’s tender for rubble stone at 3 shillings per ton of 24 feet. Report adopted on the motion of Councillors Kingsbury and Cozens. This concluded the business.

Signed Joseph Kingsbury, Chairman pro tem.


Council Chambers Newtown December 19th 1865.

Present the Chairman and Councillors Cozens, Knight, Curtis, Conley, Dunlop and Bedford, for the special purpose of considering a communication from the Secretary of the School of Arts Committee respecting the Council becoming responsible for the mortgages on the institution and letting to the Committee that portion at present occupied by them.

A discussion ensued when the following resolutions were agreed upon:

Moved by Councillor Conley, seconded by Councillor Dunlop, “that this Council agree to take the responsibility of the mortgage on the Newtown School of Arts, and that so soon as the matter can be satisfactorily arranged, will let to the Committee of the School of Arts the use of the premises now occupied by them for the sum of £60.0.0 per annum, reserving to the Council the right of use of the entrance and entrance hall for all Municipal public purposes when required, which may be two or three times annually”. Carried unanimously.

Moved by Councillor Dunlop, seconded by Councillor Curtis, “that the £60.0.0 per annum does not include a supply of gas, but the Council will either pay or allow a sum of £2.0.0 should the Committee supply the Council with gas”. Carried unanimously.

This terminated the business and the Council separated.

Signed Joseph Kingsbury, Chairman pro tem.


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