Council Chambers Dec 28th. 1864.

Present the Chairman and Councillors Holland, Hill, Curtis, Knight and Conley.

Moved by Councillor Holland seconded by Councillor Knight, that the minutes of proceedings of the previous meeting be read and confirmed. Carried unanimously.


1. A letter from Mr John Black complaining that the approach to his property in Wilson Street was inaccessible through the increased height of the roadway, and asking that the same be made good. Also that the cost of replacing the gate posts be born by the Municipality. Letter read.

2. A letter from James Marland soliciting a reconsideration of his application for compensation for alteration of footpath and extra work on the Enmore Road.

Moved by Councillor Holland, seconded by Councillor Hill and carried, that the Council Clerk write to the Marrickville Council and solicit them to contribute one pound towards the alteration of footpath, the Council declining to entertain the other matter.

3. A letter from James Williams asking the Council to authorise the Council Clerk to give him an account of the metal delivered to the Municipality. Council declined to interfere in the matter.

Miscellaneous business:

Moved by Councillor Holland, seconded by Councillor Hill and unanimously carried; that in consequence of Councillor Munro’s unavoidable absence a Notice of Motion standing in his name be postponed until next meeting.

This terminated the business and the Council separated.

Signed Joseph Kingsbury, Chairman

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