Jubilee Souvenirs

In 1912 and 1922 the Newtown Municipal Council published Souvenir Books to mark the 50th and 60th Jubilee anniversaries of the declaration of Newtown as a municipality.

The books were a display of local pride by the councillors and citizens in the prosperous state of the district. They cannot always be taken as complete or authoritative, however they contain a wealth of local information about Newtown, and even the advertisements are valuable sources for local history.

Cover of Jubilee Souvenir Book 1912. Click to browse onlineCover of 1922 Jubilee Souvenir. Click to browse online

Click the covers above to browse the Jubilee Books online.  They are also avaialable for download in print resolution PDF format below.

Download Jubilee Souvenir 1912 (PDF, 32mb)

Download Jubilee Souvenir 1922 (PDF, 20mb)