Bounded on the north by municipality of Camperdown, on the east by Redfern, on the south by M’Donald Town, and on the west by Petersham.

Proclaimed a municipality, 12th December, 1862. Area, 480 acres.
No. of houses, 3100. No. of ratepayers, 3190.
Miles of streets, 25. Annual value, £925,000.

Boots, Charles Cowley, Jesse
Pierce. C. T. Murphy, Daniel, C.E.
Goodsell, F. J. Hannon, Robert
Smith, J. F. OVERSEER-
Gibbes, F. J., M.L.A. Bullen, James
Melville, N., M.L.A. Office hours-Daily, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 4
Neale, J. T. p.m, except Saturdays office closes at 1 p.m.
Hibble, W. S. Town Hall-King street
Mayor and two Aldermen retire each year. Council meetings every alternate Tuesday


Albermarle st, Bedford to Australia st Ferndale st, Camden st to Margaret st
Australia st, King st to Bishopgate st
Albert st, Bedford st to Australia st Goodsell st
Alice st, King st to Edgeware rd Gowrie st, Harold st to Erskineville rd
Angel st, King st to Erskineville rd
Augustus st Hawker st, Alice st to Wells st
Harold st, Angel st to Union st
Bedford st, King st to Trade st Holt st, off King st
Belmore st, Phillip st to London st Hordern st, King st to Raper st
Bailey st, Enmore rd to Holt st
Baltic st, St. Mary st to Bedford st Islington st, Iredale st to Mount st
Bligh st, Missenden rd to King st
Bucknell st, King st to Wilson st Juliet st, oft Enmore rd
John st, Lord st to Wells st
Cavendish st James st, Edgeware rd to fence
Cambridge st, Liberty st to Enmore rd Jeredale st
Crescent st, King st to Station st
Charles st, London st to Phillip st King st, Bligh st to Railway bridge
Commodore st, Wells st to fence Key st
Clara st Kent st, off College st
Camden st, King st to Edgeware rd
College st, Camden st to Holt st Laura st, off Commodore st
Lennox st, Church st to Oxford st
Denison st, Bedford st to Bishopgate st London st, Enmore rd to Liberty st
Don st, Reiby st to Station st Longdown st, off O’Connell st
Liberty st, Stanmore rd to Railway
Enmore rd, King st to Juliet st Lord st, Edgeware rd to King st
Edgeware rd, Sarah st to May st
Erskineville rd, King st to Union st May st, King st to Edgeware rd
Maria st, King st to Edgeware rd
Francis st, off Enmore rd Margaret st, College st to Simmons st
Fulliam st, Simmons st to Reiby st Mechanic st, Church st to Egan st

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236 Alb NEWTOWN Bal

Middlemos lane, off Camden st Regent st, Bishopgate st to Bedford st
Missenden rd, King st to Camperdown boundary
Munni st, Angel st to Union st Stanmore rd, Enmore rd to Liberty st
Sarah st, off Edgeware rd
Newman st, Angel st to Union st Simmons st, Enmore rd to Camden st
Norfolk st, King st to Angel st Sloan st
Station st, Camden college to Railway station
Oxford st, St. Mary st to Lennox st St John st, King st to Angel st
O’Connell st, King st to Camperdown boundary
Trafalgar terrace
Phillip st, Enmore rd to Railway line
Pearl st, Wells st to Alice st Union st, King st to Erskineville rd
Prince st, off Camden st
Victoria st, Church st to Stephen st
Queen st, King st to Wilson st
Wilford st, Wilford lane to Station st
Raper st, Church st to O’Connell st Wells st, King st to Edgeware rd
Reiby st, off Margaret st Whitehorse st, King st to Norfolk st

| |
Albert street-West side 10 Farmer, G. H., baker Roebuck, F., rocking-horse manufac-
Bedford street to Trade street 6 Kingcott, J., grocer turer
1 Ward. W. S., agent Regent street Rees. A. T and Co., Camdenville foun-
3 Hopkinson, Mrs. 12 Carlisle Castle hotel, Oatley, Wm. dry and iron works
5 Miller, Wm. 14 Poulson, S. M., turner Edgeware road
7 Cook, Silas, painter 16 Macken, P. J., confectioner ——
9 Edmunds, Charles, contractor 18 Macken, P. J. Alice street- North side
11 Pollard, H. C. 22 Cone, Mrs., dressmaker King street to Edgeware road
13 Wheeler, George Denison street Peacock, George, jam manufactory
15 Atkinson, Henry, draper 24 Barry, Miss, draper and grocer Douglas, George, bootmaker
17 Farnsworth, Wm. 26 Baltic, James, blacksmith Manning, H. D., locksmith
Trade street 28 Kinner, S., painter Cheney, Irvin
—— 30 Smithson, G. Jones, Isaac, merchant
Albert street-East side Australia street M’Donald, A.
Bedford street to Trade street —— Robertson, James warehouseman
2 Cooper, George, house and land agent Albemarle street- East side Allen, Thomas, merchant
—— Bedford to Australia, street Smith, Wm., builder
Angel street -West side Baltic street Stewart, Wm., builder
King street to Erskineville road Oxford street Wright, Charles
4 Silcocks, Edward, inspector of 1 Baydon, W. E., Wendover Wisdom, Wm.
quarries 3 Hayley, Mrs., Aylesbury Lance Brothers, painters
6 Underwood, A. C., surveyor Wellington street Williams, John, stonemason
8 Satchell, George Regent street Wannell, F., wheelwright
10 Smith, Samuel 5 Turner, T. W., butcher Morgan, William L.
12 Furey, A., agent 7 Buckingham, Robert Dehy, Edward, tinsmith
14 Taylor, Mrs. D. 2 Turner, T. W., butcher Jelly, William, dealer
Newman street 11 Mitchell, John, miner Bunce, John, tanner
16 Allen, C., grocer 13 Casson Mrs. Willoughby, Fredk., accountant
18 Seen, Michael 17 Middleton, Mrs. Austin, H., bootmaker
20 Luby, Benjamin, teacher 19 Francis. Edward Morton, William, stonemason
22 Hauman, William 21 Rowe, Joseph, commission agent Morton, John, stonemason
24 Heath, Richard 23 Smith, J. F., builder Woodlock, Charles
26 M’Intyre, Charles, carpenter Denison street Edgeware road
60 Burgess, William, joiner 25 Andrews, T. J., monumental ma- ——
Harold street son Augustus street
68 Purcell and Huxley, grocers 27 M’Donald, Alexander, joiner London street to Charles street
70 Watkins, John, timekeeper 29 Dyer, Francis Ingram, Henry, engineer
Minnie street 31. Wilde Mrs., dressmaker Morrison, James, carpenter
80 Parry, James, engineer 33 Palmer, Joseph, butcher Charles street
82 Herman, Frederick, joiner 35 M’Kenzie, Kenith ——
92 Aird, George Kenny, Mrs. Aylesbury street
94 Brown, Frederick, carpenter Fowler, William Missenden road to Vacant land
98 Benton, Alfred Australia street Plauchenault, Leon, cabinet-maker
Reddin, John, builder —— Holly, A., gardener
Gibbes street Alice street-South side ——
—— King street to Edgeware road Baltic street-South side
Albemarle street – West side Sherbin, Joseph J. Bedford street to St. Mary’s street
Bedford street to Australia street Selwin, J.W. Albemarle street
Baltic street Crane H. E., Enderby 2 Robinson, Mrs., ladies school
2 Stephens, Ernest, solicitor, Abbotsford Pearl street 6 Freeman, Frederick
Oxford street Douglas, Henry, carpenter 8 Fallick, Mrs., Harcourt
Wellington street Roberts, Henry, bookbinder 10 Fallick, B. H., draper
White, Charles, bookbinder 12 Colquhoul, Wm. H.
Pettitt, John, builder 14 Guest, Henry
Hawkins street

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Bal NEWTOWN. Cam 237

| |
16 M’Cole, Michael 4 Haigh, Robert Christiana cottages-
St. Mary’s street 5 Stander, James, draper – 1 Ibbotson, G. W., wheelwright
—— 6 Bridges, F. T. – 2 Fox, Wm., painter
Baltic street- North side 7 Smith, J. 0., baker – 3 Cousins, C., bootmaker
Bedford street to St. Mary’s street 8 Snelgrove, John, bookbinder – 4 Hore, L.
1 Child.Thomas, bootmaker St. Mary street – 5 Eggbeen, Robert
3 Williams, Thomas, baker —— – 6 Ibbotson, George
5 Smith, Henry, builder Bligh street Gemell, William jun.
11 Turtle, William, dealer King street to Missenden road Jolly, Mrs.
15 Griffith, Mrs, Avoca cottage Campbell, J, contractor Aloa terrace-
Albemarle street Sampson, Mrs. – 1 Robertson, Wm,
17 Dixon, W. H., accountant Nelson street – 2 Munroe, James, carpenter
—— Brock, George, Victoria lodge – 3 Beveridge, Samuel, sculptor
Bedford street- West side Thruchly, William, Rosebank – 4 Dawson, William, mason
King street to Trade street Towers, Frederick, engineer – 5 White, G. F.
Newtown Council Chambers and Robinson, George, salesman – 6 Hill, Roland
Police court Huitte, James L. Edwards, Thomas, boot finisher
Cowley, Jesse, Council clerk Hogan, P. J., cab proprietor Yerbury, Mrs.
3 Luicolin, Thomas, blacksmith Wright, Richard Webster, William, examiner of deeds,
Melville, Hector, coachfactory Seller, Frederick, builder Floral cottage
Denison street Missenden road Newer, Richard, carpenter
5 Melville, Hector, coachbuilder —— Moore, Thomas
7 Happ, Charles, grocer Bucknell street M’Ennery, C., bootmaker
8 Clark, William, dealer King street to Wilson street Dwyer, John
9 Pliter, Micheal 3 Hannigan, Mrs. Doyle, T.
10 Sorrell, William 21 Day, Wm. Henry Byrne, Joseph, carrier
11 Dillon, Thomas, mason 23 Bristow, Hy. B., master mariner Judd, John
Regent street 33 Dunlop, Jas., carpenter Clancy, Mrs.
12 Naile, George E. 37 Charman, Charles, bricklayer Hayes, Mrs.
Wellington street 41 Finnigan M. J. Dunnett, Mrs.
St. Joseph Catholic Chapel- Fitz- 43 Waring, Wm., builder Smith, Mrs., Worcester cottage
patrick, Rev. John Paul Wilson street Roger, James, builder
St. Joseph Catholic School- —— Townsend, A., paperhanger
Sisters of Good Samaritan Bucknell street Cox, James, carpenter
17 Wood, Samuel, bricklayer 2 Triggs, G. N., coachbuilder Harrison, F. J., bootfinisher
18 Bolt, Samuel, mason 16 Hynard, Robt. Dalby, G., japanner
19 Henwood, James, miner 18 Scaplehorn, Jos. R., master Evas, Mrs.
20 Lawlor, William, carpenter mariner Stack, Mrs.
21 Smith, Mrs. 24 Pakes & Son, house painters Pitts, Mrs.
22 Baker, Jos., sign writer 26 Williams, Joseph, carpenter Fairless, Mrs.
King to Trade street 42 Hill, Chas, brickmaker Hall, Thomas
29 Worth, Charles, painter 44 Beere, John C., H.M. customs Howlet, William, dealer
30 Warren, James, saddler Wilson street Princes street
31 Taylor, Augustus —— Scott, Richard, butcher
32 Murphy, Daniel, surveyor Cambridge street-South side Edgeware road
33 May, H. G. Enmore road to Liberty street ——
34 Addison, Mrs., painter Close, R. C. Camden street-North side
35 Moore, George, carpenter M’Burney, Wm., grocer King street to Edgeware road
36 Kerr, Robert Broughton, Edwin College street
—— Curnow, Rev. Wm., Wesleyan Minister, Coates, James, Ferndale
Belmore street- East side Clifton house Ferndale street
London street to Philip street Fitzgerald, Wm, bootmaker Clark, William
Buist, Richard T., piano tuner, Ashly Liberty street Hanson, Frederick, moulder
villa —— Andrews, George
Buist, Mrs. D. Cambridge street-North side Andrews, Mrs. C.
Clerk, Fredk., compositor Miles, R., Glennairne Brazier, J., tinsmith
Pike. William, builder Finnegan, Luke, Roseneath Engleheart, Arthur, draper
Dunlop, George, stonecutter White, Richard, Roseville Atthread, T., grocer
Philip street Liberty street Simmonds street
—— —— James, Thomas, carpenter
Belmore street- West side Camden street-South side Humphry, Mrs.
London street to Philip street King street to Edgeware road Bright, Philip, painter
Reynolds, J., dealer Shannon, Thomas, commercial Farrell, Henry, ironmoulder
M’Encroe, Edward, Islam villa traveller Brown, William, bootmaker
Crawford, John, contractor Norton, James Jam factory stables Edgeware road
Green, F., Jesmond Mossman, Thomas Short street off Camden street
Philip street Middlemore cottages, off Camden Garsed’s cottages-
—— street- – Hyland, Patrick
Bishopgate street- East side – Green, Henry, carpenter – Antill, John, painter
Australia to St Mary Street – Goodin, Peter, carpenter – Purse, Joseph
1 Richards, John – Ireson, Richard, carpenter Johnson, Nells, bootfinisher
2 Henshaw, John L. – Perkins, C., carpenter Neil, John, architect
Denison street – Rothes buildings- Edgeware road
Regent street – Booty, P. G. ——
Wellington street – Grattan, William Campbell street – West side
3 Smith, Sydney J, carpenter Missenden road to Campbell’s buildings
4 Stokes, Jos. L.

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238 Cam NEWTOWN. Den

| |
6 Senne, Charles, blacksmith 14 M’Hugh, James, baker Bruce, James, stationer
8 Earle, Wm., grocer 16 Tucket, John, plasterer Wilkinson, William
20 Smith, Joseph, cooper 18 Danaher, David, engineer Green, Aron, storekeeper
22 Walker, Mrs. 20 Davis John, engraver Fence
28 Phillips, Arthur, wood and ivory 22 Parker, C. H., dealer ——
turner O’Connell street College street-West side
30 M’Clymont, William, carpenter —— Camden street to Holt street
Elizabeth street Charles street-West side Carnell, Robt
32 Reekie, John London street to Philip street Arnold, John, cabinet-maker, Bidura
34 Mitchell, Wm., carpenter Loebel, Edward, commission agent, Peterson. C. L.
36 Lane, John P., Merton cottage Ashley lodge Wilson, Wm., patternmaker, Mayville
38 Hovenden, Mrs. Philip street M’Donald, Wm., accountant
44 Ivers, William —— Kent street
48 Sheehan, Denis L. Charles street-East side Galway, David, sailmaker, Herbert
50 Davidson, David Wood, J. D., warehouseman cottage
52 Earls. M. Goodin, Thomas, builder Keogh, Mrs., Rosamond cottage
54 Goodhew, Henry, gardener Wellings, T. H. Tickle, Wm. H., printer
56 Bromley, R., engineer O’Brien, Thomas, solicitor Piper, Wm., moddler
North Newtown Public School- Mappin, Wm., Rialto Falconer, Robt., architect
Fletcher, John, head master, Watson terrace :- Holt street
Robert, Miss, mistress – Burrows, Edward, contractor ——
66 Watts, Henry, wheelwright – Berglin. Wm., draftsman Commodore street-West side
68 Hart, Thomas – White, W. H., solicitor Wells street to Alice street
70 Coney, Mrs. – Watson, Mrs. Morgan, M. T.
72 Sweetman, John Philip street Vernon, Wm.
76 Bogan, Bernard, Sharrow —— Cooper, James
Nelson street Church street-South side Hine, James, printer
94 Jeffries, Henry, carpenter King street to Brown street Foat, James, carpenter
Campbell’s buildings 2 Kingsbury, James, surgeon Leatham, S. H.
—— 4 Dayhew, Ben, butcher Humphrey, J.
Campbell street-East side Lennox street Rusthorn, Mrs.
Missenden road to Campbell’s buildings Baptist Church, Fenwick, Rev. Close, Wm., engineer
1 Nenham, L., chimney sweep David Alice street
3 Tomkins, Robert, engineer St. Stephen’s Church, Taylor, Rev, Mulgany, James
5 Fowler, Richard Robert, incumbent Evans, Louis, carpenter
Elizabeth street Newtown Cemetery, Clarke, Fence.
43 Duggan, Edward, butcher Thomas, sexton ——
45 May, Joseph —— Commodore street-East side
47 Loveridge, William, mason Church street-North side Wells street to Fence
49 Taylor, William, carpenter King to Brown street 1 Bubb, J., fitter
51 Kelly, Mrs. 1 Crook, C., builder and contractor 2 Jarman, D., builder
65 Young, J., contractor 3 Tye, William 3 Curry, James
67 Hains, James 5 Clark, Miss 4 Morrison, John, engineer
69 Armeger, William, bricklayer Sussex street 5 Matheson, James, bricklayer
71 Bridger, John, painter 7 Stott, Thomas 7 Turner, E. C.
75 Tubby, J., carpenter 11 Harris, Mrs. 8 Bamfield, Wm., printer
Nelson street Mechanic street Bates, R. L.
81 Felton, Miss 15 Harris, Charles, dealer Bray, Wm. F.
93 Bowden, William 19 Hurst, Henry, builder Alice street
95 Stanwick, P. 25 Melville, George, patternmaker ——
97 Cummings, John 27 Tylen, Mrs. Crescent street
Campbell’s buildings 29 Tabrett, J. P., builder Victoria street Enmore road to Phillip street
—— 33 Andrews, J. R., monumental Laurence & Co., lime and cement
Cavendish street-South side mason merchants
Cambridge street to Liberty street Carnarvon terrace- Station street
Cozens, Richard, sen., Eugenie cottage 35 Draper, Mrs. O’Connell, Chas., stone crushing
White, F. W., printer 37 Hall, James, bootmaker works
—— 39 Taylor, Mrs., midwife ——
Cavendish street-North side 49 Ware, Joseph, carpenter Dennison street-South side
Monaghan, Michael, cab proprietor Prospect street Bedford to Bishopgate street
Harrison, J. 51 Howe, H. N., bricklayer 2 Chasling, Joshua
—— 57 Rattican, F. C. 6 Mulqueeney, James
Chalder street-West side 63 Shaw, Mrs. 8 Riddle, Thomas
Hordern to O’Connell street 71 Giles, Arthur, builder 10 Allman, George J., bootmaker
Taylor, Rev. Robert, St. Stephens 91 Lynam, Edward, surveyor 12 Smith, Sydney, lawyer
parsonage 93 Monk, Mrs. 14 Neal, James, coachsmith
O’Connell street Raper street 24 Mulqueeney, Thomas
—— 101 Byrne, Henry, painter 26 Butler, Henry, wheelwright
Chalder street-East side 103 Baker, Thomas, timber broker 28 Pacey, Charles, painter
Hordern to O’Connell street —— Francis lane
2 Wilson, Wm., plasterer Clara street 30 Hatley, John
4 Hutchinson, Joseph, stonemason Alice street to Fence Lennox street
6 Green, Alfred, butcher Hutton, Mrs. 32 Kelly, Joseph
8 Dolan, P., plasterer Burke, P. J., blacksmith 34 Rowling, John, timber merchant
10 Blumson, Thomas, cabmaker Noakes, Louis 40 Stewart, John
12 Tait, Archibold, engineer 42 Moore, Thomas, miner

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Den NEWTOWN. Enm 239

| |
46 Abigail, James, grocer Hill, Mrs. Elizabeth street-North side
48 Maher, Mrs. Enmore hotel, Wilkes, S. H. King street to Richard street
50 Dywer, Charles L. Camden street Longdown street
52 Bell, Frederick, bootfinisher Scholl, A., grocer 1 Farnworth, A. W., commission
54 Smith, J. B., carpenter Brown, James, bricklayer agent
56 Smith, James, builder Jelly, H. W., wood and coal yard 3 Walters, Joseph
Fitzroy lane Alice street 5 Pyne, William, carpenter
Kettley, Henry J., glass cutter Laura street Campbell street
60 Allpress, J. Wells street Francis street
62 Stewart, James, joiner Keys, William, jeweller ——
64 Price, Arthur, station master Loftus, James, gardener Enmore road-North side
66 Jones, J. J., carpenter Maria street King street to Stanmore road
68 Evans, James, grocer Wannell, George, plasterer 1 Watson, Walter C., chemist
72 Forbes, John, mariner Fagan, James, cooper Arthur, R., horse clipper
74 Maddigan, Mrs., Mayo cottage Turner, Henry, brickmaker Redfearne, J. D,, piano maker
78 Wilson. James, mason Baines, John L. and tuner
80 Ellis, Charles, carpenter Lord street Bartle, Thomas, carpenter
82 Goldfinch George, salesman May street Jervis, Robert, carpenter
86 Lincoln, John, blacksmith —— 16 Cunningham, Mrs.
98 Jones, Robert, plasterer Egan street-South side Morris. E., pastrycook
100 Newburn, George King street to St Stephen’s Parsonage Carroll, Mrs., grocer
102 Storey, F. W., draftsman fence Windsor terrace-
104 Pickerill, A., grocer 6 Rasmussen, J., dealer 1 Halliday, J.
Bishopgate street 8 Standen. J., gardener 3 Page, Edward, boardinghouse
—— 14 Whiteoak, Thomas, boilermaker Feilder, Francis, Justice of Peace,
Denison street-North side 16 Richards, Mrs. clerk of Petty Sessions
Bedford to Bishopgate street Victoria street Simmons street
9 Weekes, Thomas Agnew. Mathew Duke of Edinburgh hotel, Smith,
15 Bryant, Alfred 20 Hopkins, Thomas John H.
17 Storey, Edward H. 22 Forrest, James Whittke, Julien, pattern maker
19 Simpson, B. B. 24 Pluck, Reginald, plumber Duanz, Mrs.
25 Bedford and Son. painters 28 Douse, Wm. S., master mariner, Juliett street
27 Mills, Charles Edith house Gogerly, C. J., draper
29 Simmons, E. H., merchant 30 Callendar, Thomas, stonecutter Station street
31 Digby, Thomas, fruiterer 32 Brown, R. Baldock. G.
37 Carillon, Joseph 34 Bowen, John Wildman, William, builder
Lennox street 36 Wyatt, John, builder Williams, G., grocer
41 Lawlor, John, asphalter Prospect street Bucknell, Miss, stationer
Abigail terrace- —— Simpson, H., fruiterer
43 Goold, Mrs. Egan street-North side Whittle, T., architect
Albemarle street King street Bedford, David, Olive park
49 Goldwater, Isaac, salesman 1 Monaghan, Miss Reiby street
51 Johns, John, bootmaker 3 Norman, John Pemell, James, flour merchant, Stan-
53 Owen, Mrs. Victoria street more house
57 Kilbone, Wm. 11 Martin, Robert, boilermaker Station street
57 Cooper, Frederick, carrier 13 M’Laren, John, bricklayer Randle’s terrace-
61 Emery, Mrs. 15 White, Mrs. 2 Irvine, W. H.
63 Blackstone, Joseph 17 Reardon, James B., bootmaker 3 Goodfellow, Mrs.
65 Humphrieys, James, public school 19 May, George, painter 4 Wait, Miss, teacher of piano
teacher 21 Jones, Henry 5 Willman, Samuel
69 Sakills, L., bricklayer 23 M’Laren, James L. 6 Goldwater, Abraham, clothier
71 Harding, Thomas, plumber 25 Turner, Mrs. 7 Langhorn, G, estate agent
73 Christy, Edward Prospect street 8 M’Encroe, Piere
75 Binskin, Henry 27 M’Gill, Samuel Elliott, Frederick
77 Gibson, Samuel, carpenter 29 Carleton, Robert Wilford street
79 Tye, Alfred, butcher 37 Dowling, Dominick Standen, J., draper
81 Atkin, John, mason 39 Cooper, Mrs. Foster, William J., M.P, barrister,
83 Barnes, J., jeweller Parsonage Thurnby
87 Knight, Stephen, plasterer —— Philip street
89 Robins, Frederick, plasterer Eliza street-South side Queen’s hotel-Peisner, Frederick
91 Powers, John, stonemason King to Lennox street Bawd, William, butcher
93 Martin, James, bricklayer 2 Cook, Henry, plasterer, Pearlee Barden, Charles, com. agent
95 Ward, John cottage Barden, Edwin, brick yard proprietor,
97 Hunter, John, surveyor Lennox street Florence villa
99 Hughes, Mrs., grocer —— Whiteman, John, builder, Louisa
101 Bendoo, Henry Eliza street-North side ville
103 Bennis,John King to Lennox street London street
105 Beale, George, compositor 1 Wood, Alexander, frenchpolisher Cole, Jabez, wholesale and retail grocer
107 Handsford, A. R., carpenter 3 Tomkinson, Walter Connor, W. J., bootmaker
Bishopgate street 5 Burton, George, builder Goodier, Bros, tobacconists
—— 7 Rogers, Robert, Romont O’Hare and Le Huray, grocers
Edgeware road-East side 17 Veaney, M., accountant Municipal Emanuel, H., general dealer
Francis street to May street Council, Sydney Wallis, T., butcher
Schwoebel, George Lennox street Cambridge street
Barker, James Enmore hotel-Livermore, William
James street Gray, Charles, chemist and druggist
Hardern, T., greengrocer Price, G. T., millinery warehouse

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240 Enm NEWTOWN Hor

| |
Heslop, Frederick Nixon, Arthur Moysey, Rev., G. B. Cayzer, Edwin, locksmith
Stanmore road Reiby street Errickson, John, carpenter
—— —— Halgar, F., carpenter
Enmore road-South side Fulham street-North side Elizabeth cottages :-
King street to Juliett street Simmons street – 7 Player, James
Oddfellows’ Hall, St. John’s Lodge Fewings, Joseph, surveyor – 8 Hammell, J., bricklayer
Myers, Mrs. Newell, H. J., plasterer – 9 Davenport, James, painter
Chaim, Samuel, dentist Underwood, James, painter Blackburn, Henry, plasterer
Pacey, J. L., commission agent and Johnson, C., engineer Rippendale, J., grocer
upholsterer King, Francis Fraser, Mrs.
Leares, H., butcher Lee, Simon Minister, George, grocer
Dempter, Mrs, stationer Reiby street Laura street
Brown, James, grocer —— ——
Bailey street Gibbs street Harold street
Smith, David, greengrocer Parker, James Union street to Angel street
Tulley, Mrs. Young, Thomas, engineer 2 Goodsen, Edwin
Gould, J., grocer Nicholson, John, brickmaker 14 Conlan, Thomas
——- Thorpe, James, operator 16 Wright, Isaac
Erskineville road-South side —— 22 Kelley, Brown and Goddard,
King street to Railway bridge Gladstone street builders
Wilson street Philip street to Liberty street 24 Goddard, Job, builder
1 Oliver, F. K., merchant, Norwood Charles, Jos., bricklayer 26 Bragg, James, butcher
house Norton, John, plasterer 28 Collins, Joseph, dealer
3 Blancoe, B. R., Lauret villa —— 30 Cope, Henry, vanman
5 Baldic Stephen, timber merchant Gowrie street-North side Angel street
7 Hilliard, T., fuel merchant Erskineville road to Harold street 11 Burgess, Frederick, watchmaker
Angel street 1 Wheatley, Henry carpenter Vidler, Wm., blacksmith
9 Fleay, Augustus T., Gowrie house 3 Walton, Thomas, blacksmith Gaurd, John
Gowrie street 5 Coxaw, Thos. Foley, J. A., constable
Union street 7 Aldrich, Robt., engineer Williams, Miss, dressmaker
—— 9 Pigers, James Jassinto, Joseph
Erskineville road-North side 11 Baker, Arthur L. Callaghan, James, brickmaker
King street to Railway bridge 13 Liddle, Jas., painter Griffiths, John
Wilson street 15 Walker, Mrs., grocer ——
2 Hamblin, John, grocer Newman street Hill street
10 Wiley, Ferguson, coachbuilder 17 Lasslett, Fred. L., carpenter Wilson street to Railway
12 Scott, Mrs. 19 Wright, Edward, wire worker Norton, Alexander, cabinet-maker
Linthorpe street 21 Hextall, Fred. Denshire, John, forwarding agent
22 Hawkins, Thomas, painter 23 Wilson, James, omnibus proprietor Bishop, Edwin, draftsman
24 Gordon, Mrs. 27 Petterson. C. Cope, Henry
26 Shaw, Alfred, lawyer, Briston 29 Mackelvein, G., compositor ——
cottage 31 Reynolds, Alfred, stonemason Holt street – South side
Railway bridge 33 Fitzpatrick, Mr. 35 Bowman, John King street to College street
—— 37 Ferguson, Fred., painter Pitt terrace –
Fitzroy street 43 Gadd, Mrs., dressmaker – 1 M’Kean, John, builder
King to Wilson street 45 Carter, James, slater – 3 Nicol, James
Evans, John, captain Harold street – 4 Fordi, Narciss, traveller
Fowler, G, —— – 5 Wing, Mrs., boardinghouse
Baker, Thomas, draper Gowrie street-South side Galade, Henry, importer
—— Erskineville road to Harold street Holloway, John, painter
Forbes street Newman street College street
King street to Wilson street 18 Masters, Hugh, carpenter ——
37 Chisholm, Edward, wine and 20 Cooper, Henry Holt street- North side
spirit merchant 22 Goggins, John, bill poster King street to College street
39 Hargraves, Henry 24 Turner, Geo., stonemason Bailey street
41 Griffiths, Arthur 26 Murray, Henry, bricklayer Station
43 Ferryman, Fredk. B. G., engineer 28 Wall, Joseph College street
45 Quinn, Miss 53 Bowie, Mrs. 30 Saunders, Wm. ——
55 Chapman, William 32 Mutton, Mrs., boardinghouse Hordern street- North side
57 Barton, Robert B. 34 Williams, Thos, builder King street to Raper street
59 Farnsworth, Henry, commission 36 Braine, N., painter 2 Jones, John, plasterer
agent 38 Sloane, Edward, plumber 12 Boots, Charles, builder and under-
65 Barters, C. F. 42 Lucas, W. N., slater taker
67 O’Kane, Daniel, carpenter 44 Wise, Alfred, stonemason Mechanic street
Wilson street 46 Dooley, Mrs. 16 Chislestson, C., blacksmith
—— 48 M’Kenzie, Wm. 20 Durham, J. B.
Francis street 50 Mazitelle, Francis, master mariner 22 Brighten, Charles, carpenter
Enmore road to Juliet street Harold street 24 Murray, James, baker
Ward, William, gasfitter —— Victoria street
Kingsbury, Joseph senr., J.P., surgeon Hawkins street-West side 26 Waldock, James, coachbuilder
—— Alice street to Wells street 28 Johnson, John, printer
Fulham street-South side Riese, L., grocer 30 Kennedy, John, wheelwright
Simmons street to Reiby street Norrie, Thomas, carpenter 32 Douglas, Sydney H.
Murphy, S., grocer Moss, George, fitter 36 Breadley, Mrs.
Kain, Edward polisher Prospect street
M’Cann, John, bricklayer 46 Curtis, Mrs

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Hor NEWTOWN. Kin 241

| |
48 Brenton, Wm., shipwright Islington street-South side Pidding, Mrs., boardinghouse
50 Mendrey, Arthur, carpenter Munni street to Iredale street Culshaw, Thomas, woodcarver
52 English, Thomas 2 Brown, William E. Jones, Jacob, wood and coal merchant
56 Walsh, Allen, stonecutter 8 Askew, Thomas, builder Sutton, G. J.
58 Elstub, James, blacksmith 10 Chevase, Charles, Customs house Rogers, William, baker
62 Parkinson, Wm., butcher officer Lennon, Henry, bootfinisher
66 Allison, James 12 Walker, J., engineer Reiby street
Raper street 14 Howard, James ——
—— 16 Taylor, E. Kent street
Hordern street-South side 18 Casson, Joseph, carpenter Off College street
King street 22 Bite, Wm., painter Bonner, James, ironmoulder
Scandinavian terrace- 34 Wrather, A. H. Biggs, John, Camdenhurst
1 Maynes, John, builder 36 Bradley, W. S., coachsmith Crossfied, John, carpenter
3 Whitehead, Thomas, van proprietor 38 Taylor, Charles ——
5 Fowler, P., insurance agent 44 Roberts, John, carpenter King street- north-East side
7 Holder, George —— Bligh street to Railway bridge
Mechanic street James street-South side 20 Lawson, James, cabinet-maker
9 Bellinger, Lennon, carpenter Edgeware road to King’s fence 22 Lowe, George, stonemason
11 Addlington, Mrs. Healey. M. Fitzroy street
13 Walker, Mrs. Mills, William, currier 36 Donnithorne, Miss, Camperdown
15 Lord, John Patterson, Mrs. lodge
17 Boots, Charles, Ada house Davis, George 54 Yeates, Mrs., Pittville
19 Pitman, J. Ambrose, Julian 70 Kelly, Robert, baker
25 Harr, James, grocer Cruise, Cornelius, commission agent Bucknell street
Victoria street Cronk, John 84 Palmer, Joseph, blacksmith
27 Jabrett, John, builder and joiner Gatley, Richard, woolsorter 94 Buckland. William, saddler
29 Smith, Wm., wheelwright Brown, Jacob, carpenter 98 Hibble, W. G., decorator
31 Byrne, Joseph C. Lawlor, P. 102 Jeffries and son, cabinet-makers
33 Broadley, J., wheelwright Roche, Thomas Tramway coal depot
35 Short, J. T., blacksmith Wilkinson, William Watkins street
Prospect street —— 110 Tabrett and Draper, timber yard
41 Galvin, Mrs. James street-North side 116 North and Williams, coach
43 Crotty, John, saddler Edgeware road to King’s fence makers
45 Davis, Mrs. Hall, John, wood and coal yard 118 Hofman, M., dressmaker
47 Stores, Mrs. Shoebrook, H. 148 James, Mrs. G., earthenware store
51 Pearce, W., insurance agent Carroll, James, bootmaker 150 Shaw, Samuel, dealer
Chalder street Tighe, James, butcher 152 Newel, W., house and land agent
61 Thomas, Alexander, tailor Burton, James H., printer 156 Fox, Thos., cabinet-maker
63 Mulquinn, Thomas Martin, James, carpenter 160 Whately, C., coach builder
65 Mures, John Flecknell, A. C., carpenter 162 Brigg, J. E herbalist-Newton,
67 Macdonald, Charles E., compositor Smith, J. E., manager
69 Newell, Wm., house and land Kings fence 164 Thompson, W., gasfitter
agent —— 166 Pearce, W., saddler
71 Totton, Wm. H. John street-West side 168 Gommeson, G. H., undertaker and
73 Kite, George Lord to Wells street cabinet-maker
Raper street Trollope, Mrs. 170 Baldick, James, coach builder
—— Kenny, Crofton 174 Loufort, Mrs., fruiterer
Iredale street-East side Maria street 176-178 Sedgwick, William G, sur-
Union to Angel street Wells street geon
2 Boswell, Thomas —— 180 Thompson and Co., produce
4 Pagan, Edward stationmaster John street -East side merchant
8 Pall, Wm.. Hardy, James, builder 184 Coates, M., tobacconist
10 Wooden, Edward, bricklayer Wells street 186 Cahill, Martin, shoeing forge
14 Hammell, Mrs. Goldsmith, Mrs. —— 190 Milwood, H., electroplater
16 Lefroy, J. C., brickmaker Juliett street-East side 188 Christian Meeting House-Mosey,
20 Pinfold, Wm., bricklayer Enmore road to Edgeware road Rev. G. B.
Islington street Edmonds, Edward, plasterer 192 Metzler, H. M., cabinet-maker
26 Wilson, James Edmonds, George, plasterer 196 Ford, W. S., printer
32 Horton, G. W., bootmaker Willdig, J., ironmonger Wesleyan Church-Nolan, Rev.
34 Lincoln, James, woolsorter Thompson, Charles, engineer James
36 Walker, Jonas Worrill, William, bootmaker Wesleyan Sunday School
Angel street Taylor, Thomas, carpenter, Rosella Erskineville road
—— house Post and Money Order Office-
Islington street-North side M’Donald, Joseph, draper Burgis, T. P., postmaster
Munni to Iredale street M’Kenzie, John H., stationer Telegraph Office
1 Webb, W. R. Warren, Solomon, tailor 204 Johnson, J. W. and Co., sewing
3 Handell, James, bootmaker Teeson, Charles, engineer, Carlton machine depot
5 Hartley, W. S. house 206 Stanley and Moore, house and
7 Goodsell, A., barrow maker Hurley, P. J., master mariner land agents
9 Woolley, J., plumber Francis street 206 West, R. A., stationer
15 Morse, James, wheelwright Edgeware road 208 Temperance Hall-
17 Thorburn, Hugh, baker —— Sons of Temperance, No. 3
19 Eaton, George L., Eaton cottage Kaig street Division
Iredale street Station street to Reiby street Protestant Alliance Friendly
Q Bent, Samuel, head teacher, public Society, No. 5 Lodge
school I.O.G.T. Morning Star Lodge, No. 8

Page 242


242 Kin NEWTOWN. Kin

| |
Daughter of Temperance Lodge, Missenden road 263-265 Taylor, J., bootmaker
Star of Peace Division, No. 4 127 Daniel Lambert hotel, King, John 267 Gore, John, fruiterer
210 Johnson, S. saddler 129 Kleeberg, Paul, butcher 269 Jacobson. A., tobacconist
212 Thomas, R. A., lime and cement 131 Bradford, Henry, dealer 271 Taylor, George, baker
merchant 133 Lovegrove, L., fruiterer 273 Connolly, W. J., fancy goods shop
214 Edwards, J. cabinet-maker 135 Lovegrove, L. and M.. dealers 275 Holloway. W. H., sign-writer
214½ Madden, W., bootmaker 137 Pinkstone. C., confectioner 277 Davis Brothers, butchers
218 Baldick, S., timber merchant 139 Hampton Court hotel, Scott, 279 Hanly, T., greengrocer
220 Tye, W., butcher William 281 Larkin, James, bootmaker
222 Hastings. R. 141 Bukham. John 283 Jolly, Joseph, painter
222 White, W. H.. solicitor 143 Hill, Charles, bootmaker 285 Vermesch, J. C., tobacconist
224 Bank hotel. Crause, H. A. 145 Langford, G , grocer 287 Jones Brothers, drapers
226 Parker. R., shoeing forge 147 Wilton, Mrs., confectioner 289 Oxford hotel Wm. Webster
236 Gannon. J., saddler 149 Hall, T., butcher Eliza street
Fire Brigade Station 151 Rigg, George, grocer Commercial Bank-W. H. God-
—— 153 Bryant, J., tobacconist dard, manager
King street North-West side 145 Trafalgar hotel, Rorke, Thomas Bank of Australia-W. G.
Bligh street to Railway bridge O’Connell street Campbell, manager
Ryan, Mrs., teacher of singing 157 Lucas, John, tobacconist Australia street
and dancing 159 Nell, Frederick, bootmaker Railway bridge
1 Thorpe, George S., sculptor and 161 Millard. Wm., tinsmith ——
wood carver 163 Humphries, Thomas, chemist King street south-West, side
3 Calliner, Wm. 165 Thompson, W. J., bootmaker 295 Harrison, Mathew, ironmonger
5 Anderbury, Henry, oil skin cloth- 167 Dunn, J., cutler 297 Rienits, D. G., tobacconist
ing factory 169 Tuft, Thomas, grocer 299 Bradford, Henry, baker
7 Crow, Mrs. 173 Harrison, John, tailor 301 Lambourne, B., grocer
9 M’Crae, Murdock, agent 175 Harrison, A., fruiterer 303 Board, G. R., fancy goods shop
11 Martin, A. J., oilmen’s stores 177 Edwards, F. W., grocer 305 Morphet, Mrs., milliner
13 Royal hotel, Baylis. Ed. O. 179 Bellemey, R. T., chemist 307 Morphet, R., draper
15 Hilton, Joseph, grocer Egan street 309 Adams, Mrs., agent
19 White Horse hotel, Richards, 181 Banks, G. C., confectioner 311 Warren, J., clothier
James 183 Tait and Co., bootmakers 315 Lerbubb, J., hairdresser
21 Thompson, Robert, cabinet-maker 185 Thompson, W. H., cabinet-maker 317-319 Seymour, J., draper
23 Cleave, Mrs. 187 Lane, G. C., painter 323 Sergeant, William, bootmaker
25 Fletcher, James, cutler 189 Hawkins, John, fruiterer 325-327 Frederick, B. L., draper
27 Edwards, George, blacksmith 191 Beattie, R. H., fruiterer 329 Whitaker, Henry, chemist
29 Fagg, E. H., grocer 193 Hilliard, G., fancy goods shop 331 Brown and Co., seedsmen
Nelson street 195 Hooper, Thomas S., tailor 333 Hagley, Mrs., draper
31 Barker, William, agent 197 Bachell and Co., auctioneers 335 Griffiths, Mrs. T. H., milliner
33 Green, Thomas, carpenter 199 Hastings, Mrs., dressmaker 337 Rawley, William, stationer
39 Lenecke, Albert, joiner 199 Elton, J., hair cutting saloon 339 Wolsch, Mrs., grocer
41 Jackson, Charles J., organ builder 201 Cohen, Henry, pawnbroker 341 Macready, Hugh, stationer
43 Barrington, Charles, iron foundry Hordern street 343 Young, George B., hairdresser
45 Brett, M., grocer 203 Shakespeare hotel, Full, G. Short street
47 Fenton, Henry 207 Whateley, Charles, timber merchant 349 Hunter, Charles, bootmaker
49 Coope, Alexander, agent 209 Bergin, Mrs. grocer 351 Ainsworth, John, grocer
51 Patterson, William, builder 211 Hodges, Stephen, butcher 353 Chislett, G. E., bootmaker
53 Burton, R. J., lace manufactory 215 Rapson, E. S., confectioner 355 Sandringham hotel Mullins, Thos.
57 Alvarez, John, printer 217 Rapson and Son, bootmakers 357 Mills, George, fruiterer
59 Collier, Mrs. 219 Rapson and Son 361 Casey, P. J., saddler
61 Clegg, J.G., agent Church street 363 Thomas, H., bootmaker
63 Brun. Mrs., dressmaker 221 Greenwood and Son, com. agents 365 Kelly, Thomas, draper
69 Davis, Mrs. 223 Aspinall, John J., auctioneer 367 Jagelman, William, importer
71 Lennon, Mrs. 225 Salmon, B. G., bootmaker 367½ Hall, William H., watchmaker
75 Watson, John, plumber 227 Kingsbury, Joseph, draper and 369 Pattison, J. J., grocer
77 Fenton, George, carpenter clothier 373 Quinn. P. J., grocer
79 Rose, G., confectioner 229 Boston, E., watchmaker 376 Green. George, baker
81 Edmonds, W., gasfitter 231 Alexander. W. G., confectioner 377 Garland, George F., hotel broker
83 Hurley, G. 233 Davis. J., butcher 379 Nolan, Rev. J., Wesleyan minister
85 Hurley. G. 235 Edwards and Farr, produce merchants 381 Cooper. Robert, watchmaker
87 Hutchinson, Joseph, stove maker 237 Clark, Marcus, draper 383 Lotze, Edward, accountant
93 Simons Brothers, toy factory 239 Minister, G. T., grocer 385 Foster, Jethro, agent
95 Dunk, W. H., tailor 241 Risbey, S, grocer 387 Rapp, John, merchant
97 Phillips, T. auctioneer 243 Paulson and Bourne, stationers 389 Davis, Henry, draper
99 Prince of Wales hotel, Turley, Jas. 245 Meader, J., oyster saloon 391 Bock, Robert, draper
Elizabeth street 247 Harris, R. J., watchmaker 393 Feeyon, Samuel, accountant
—— 249 Scurr. G. H., ironmonger 395 Wheeler, Mrs.
101 Harrison and Ptolemy, builders 251 Westhoff, F., tobacconist 418 Camden Ladies’ College-Hilliard,
109 Solomon, A., photographer 253 Wiseman, J., grocer Mrs. W. E., Deacon, Miss,
111 Carr, Mrs. 255 Johnston, A., bootmaker Mary street principals
113 Reeve, Chas., wine shop 257 Williams, Wm., chemist 431 International hotel Mason, Ralph
115 Elliott, Samuel, wood and coal yard 257 Williams, Thomas, dentist Camden street
117 Jones, Mrs., dressmaker 259 Tye. James, draper 437 Sir William Wallace hotel,
119 Selig, Jacob, pawnbroker 261 Cricketers’ Arms hotel, Margaret Mitchell, Thomas
121 Church, John, bootmaker Meek 439 Bradley and Sons, coachbuilders
123 Clithro, Mrs, dressmaker 441 Mulholland, J., wood and coal
125 Fraser, D. L., grocer yard

Page 243


Kin NEWTOWN. Lon 243

| |
447 Ibbotson. C. J., coachbuilder 300 Wheeler, John W., fruiterer Lennox street-East side
457 Philpott, Mrs. draper 300 Hammond, Joseph, carpenter Bedford street to Church street
459 Tasker, Henry, grocer 302 Wright, J., fancy goods shop 2 Cutter, Robert
461 Bertram, B., draper 304 Furse, Henry, carver and gilder Regent street
Alice street 306 Abel, C. B., pastrycook 28 Fielding, Mrs., Tamar house
463 Camdenville hotel, M’Clelland, 322 Davies, Rev. Warlow Richard, 30 Lincolin, Thomas, blacksmith
James M.A., Essington Church street
465 Cameron, Miss, grocer 334 Pore, Mrs., general store ——
467 Pistolo, George, butcher 336 Mullane, Michael, boot shop Liberty street — East side
469 Turner, F. 340 Hampton, H. G, butcher Stanmore road to Railway line
471 M’Caulay, Daniel, merchant St. Johns street Silver, Solomon, tobacco merchant
473 Preston, Thomas, newspaper pro- 342 Madden, W. J., bootmaker Cavendish street
prietor (Suburban Indepen- 346 Hill, Henry, general store Hawley’s terrace-
dent) 348 Mulholland, Joseph, produce – 1 Day, Mrs.
Dickson, Mrs. Agnes, Homewood merchant – 2 Robinson, W. J.
Wells street 350 Mulholland, J. – 3 Partridge, Cornelius, ironmonger
539 Agar, Mrs, midwife 352-354 Lance, Alfred, plumber and – 4 Morgan, Mrs.
541 M’Queen, P., accountant Union gasfitter Coleman, J., Fern villa
bank 356 Bishop, Arthur, bootmaker Mowle, Mowbray
547 Thurlow, H. A. Angel street Braham, Edward, warehouseman
551 Botany view hotel, Balmer, 380 Mason, D. D., salesman Cambridge street
George W. Union street Philip street
Maria street 410 Eve, Benjamin, wool broker, Douglas, Mrs.
553 Hales, Thomas Haverley Parkes, Thomas
555 Wainwright, George, produce 412 Saxby, Jacob, Claremont Allworth, F. C.
store 414 Unwin, Mrs., Cawthorn Smith, C. A.
563 Berner, George. Bernersville 416 M’Kechine, James, saddler Railway line
Lord street Rochester street ——
575 McKechnie, A., grocer —— London street-North side
Illawarra Railway bridge Laura street-South side Enmore road to Liberty street
589 Millard, E., brickmaker Edgeware road to Wells street Neill, William J.
591 Blake, James Medway, Matthew, builder Bryant, John
593 Pascoe, John, miner Pewley, Roland J., hide dealer Marlborough, Francis, music seller
595 Tims, Mrs. Barbison, Joseph, bootmaker Belmore street
597 Spooner, James Barbour, Alfred, painter Brown, Lindsay
599 Boots, John, greengrocer Wells street Harvey, James, dealer
611 Goodsall. John B., brickmaster, —— ——
Sherwood house Laura street-North side Linthorpe street-West side
613 Goodsall, Henry, brickmaster Edgeware road to Wells street From Erskineville road
May street Camdenville Public School, O’Reilly, Chantler, Mrs.
—— P., head master Langley, John, accountant
King street south-East side Wells street Silberberg, John, commission agent
Railway bridge —— Harrison, Mathew, merchant
Watson, C. R., surgeon, Morevale Lennox street-West side ——
house Bedford street to Church street Linthorpe street-East side
Donahoe, J. H., Sarahville 1 Day, John from Erskineville road
Newtown Police Station-Larkins 3 Silvester, George Whitehead, John, van proprietor
N., sub-inspector Regent street White, John, merchant, Linthorpe
228 Town Hall hotel, Douglas, J. A. 13 Teague, Enwood, builder ——
230 Royle, and Haddan, house, land 15 Tickle, John, bricklayer London street-South side
and insurance agents 17 Scanlon, Edward Enmore road to Liberty street
Thorpe, Robert, van proprietor 19 Burton, Charles A., builder Webster, John. Vine villa
Public School-Bent, Samuel, 21 Jeaschky, G., artist. Frazer, John, Eureka house
head master, Nicholls, Mrs. S, Dennison street Barker, Henry, architect, Hawthorne
head mistress —— villa
White Horse street Australia street Warren, W. H., engineer
Preston, Thomas, Suburban Bedford to Church street Liddell, Andrew J., civil engineer
Independent and printing office 31 Carney, J. W., silversmith Pryde, J., Lyke villa
Congregational Church-Davies, 33 Lewis, John J., cooper Evans, Alfred, Essex villa
Rev. Warlow Richard, M.A.. 35 Richmond, John, bricklayer Sewell, James, Montrose villa
250 Brown, Hilton and Co., seed 37 Dally, George H., stonemason Momsen, Andrew, clothier, Brompton
stores, fruit trees and plants 39 Stanmers, Joseph, storeman villa
254 Carter, C., slate merchant 41 Bowes, J. T. Dolman, Wm., commission agent,
256 Fenwick, John, ship owner Australia street Noema villa
258-260 Austin, Henry, furniture 43 Courthouse hotel, Livermore, Wm. Collings, W. G., Unsworth lodge
arcade Eliza street Glesson, Mrs.
262 Piper. William, moddler Mary street Brighton terrace-
272 Sutherland. George, tram repairer 45 Bedford, George, carpenter Fitzgerald, Richard, builder
Norfolk street 47 Nash, C., butcher Wiley, John
278 Karle. William, civil engineer 49 Adam, Charles, mason. May cottage Liberty street
280 Smith, William, engineer 51 M’Elvonge, John ——
284 Scarlett, George, stationmaster 55 Nagal, Edward, photographer London street-North side
292 Kauss, Charles, asphalte contractor 59 Hudson, Joseph, plasterer Fagan, Mrs.
294 Chivers, Alfred, draper 61 Burgess, Edward, baker Melville, R. G., boilermaker
296 Jones, Mrs, fruiterer 63 Taffe, Mrs., midwife Lawler, Wm.
298 Ashton, Edward, engineer Church street

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244 Lon NEWTOWN. Mis

| |
Swanson, C. Wildman, Thomas, bricklayer 17 Gannon, Mrs.
Boyle, Robert, grocer Saunders, Edward Lennox street
Liberty street College street ——
—— —— Mary street-East side
Longdown street-West side Maria street-South side King to Lennox street
O’Connell street to Maloney’s fence King street to Edgeware road 4 Hurst, James
Susan street Holley, Mrs. 6 Kellett, John, slater
Missenden road Cocks, Wm, contractor 8 Stephen, John, bookbinder
Elizabeth street Burling, John, brick merchant 10 Rodgers, Robert, senior
Adams, Joseph, merchant Harris, Henry 12 Daley, John, carpenter
Martin, Robert Kelso, J., grocer Lennox street
Maloney’s fence Curtis, Albert ——
—— Ottery, Samuel May street-West side
Longdown street-East side Walshaw, George King street to Edgware road
O’Connell street to Maloney’s fence Fenn, Mrs. Hunster, J.
1 Lowe, Mrs. John street Knight, William, platelayer
3 Corner, Edward, teacher Moon, T., builder Primitive Methodist Church – John
5 Lloyd, Edward Edgeware road Rev. Foggin
7 Carroll, John —— Rawlings, James, poundkeeper
9 Murphy, Mrs. Maria street-North side Brett, William
11 Speard, Mrs. Cody, Edward, brickmaker Hawkin, Jesse, brickmaker
Missenden road Palmer, Mrs., Dahlia cottage Hogan, Thomas
17 Davis, Wm. Martin, Mrs., Mary cottage Thurgood, Alfred
Elizabeth street Baxter, A., railway manager Boots, James
21 Maloney, Thomas Thorpe, Henry Edgware road
Maloney’s fence Farr, James, grocer ——
—— Alstub, Mrs. Mechanics street-West side
Lord street-South side Hunter, John Church street
King street to Edgware road John street 1 Bellinger, Peter, carpenter
Parker A. Smith, Henry Hordern street
Kant George Choet, James Egan street
Gamier, J. Martin. James, brickmaker ——
Tye, Horace, brickmaker Oram, David Mechanics street-East side
Harris, William, brickmaker Webb, William, gardener Church street to Egan street
Keyes, William, gardener Edgeware road 4 Russell, John, plumber
Keyes, John —— 4 Mullins, P., baker
John street Marian street-West side Hordern street
Brown, Charles Enmore road to Sarah street 6 Cousins, William
Keys, William Sutton, Mrs. Moorville 8 Daggar, Mrs. dressmaker
Ball, Henry Barden, Charles, merchant Egan street
Halliday, Alex Nelson, John, engineer ——
Willard, Alfred E. Baker, Arthur, bricklayer Missenden road-South side
Clarkson, William Dean, William King to Bligh street
Willard, Mrs. Allen, Percy, draftsman, Maxwella Longdown street
Montgomery, Mrs. Duff, John, Registrar General’s office 2 Moore, Wm., carpenter
Edgware road Bran, Mrs. Wailwon 4 Shirley, William, stationer
—— Goode, Francis, surveyor Campbell street
Lord street-North side Davis, J. salesman Adams, J., fuel merchant
Hoad, Mrs. Taylor, Alfred J., stonemason Sparks, J. P., boilermaker
Simpson, William, engineer Harvey, William, carpenter 12 Adams, J.
Beattie, John J. Carpenter, George, plumber 14 Blackford, David, tailor
Goodsell, B., Newtown steam brick- Matheson. John, builder 20 Tour, Mrs., dressmaker
works Lewis, Edward, coachbuilder 24 Burton, Mrs.
Edgware road Kennedy, Mrs. 26 Coop, Jos., carpenter
—— Matthew, J. J., merchant 28 Russell, Wm., Insurance agent
Margaret street-North side M’Lennan, D. 30 Walsh, Mrs., dressmaker
Simmons street to College street Darley, Wm. F., traveller, Ivy house 34 Rapp, Jacob, leather merchant
Simmons street Moore, James S., builder 36 Wagoner, Albert, Kelvin cottage
Elizabeth terrace- Smith, J., Florenceville St. Stephen’s Infant School
– 1 Cliff, Henry R., warehouseman Bayley, Fredk. Bligh street
– 2 M’Cauley, George, telegraph inspector Laurence, Albert, plasterer ——
– 3 Askew, Wm., builder Jugo, James, carpenter Missenden road- North side
– 4 Dobson, Kingsmill J., tramway Leitherby, John, painter King street to Bligh street
storekeeper M’Donald, James, mining manager 1 Brown, Mrs., grocer
– 6 Tipper, William, commission Sarah street ? Cutter, Mrs.
agent —— Campbell street
Craig, Robert, sailmaker Mary street-West side 9 Price, Henry, builder
College street King street to Lennox street 13 Tomkin, Charles J, builder
—— 1 Helmrich, Mrs. Richard street
Margaret street-South side 3 Westley. J., tailor 15 Walker, ?. B.
Webber, George 5 Hills, Thomas, commission agent Aylesbury street
Anderson, Robert, stonemason Emily terrace- 25 Brown, Charles, carpenter
Hamilton, Wm. H., warehouseman 9 Dickson, Magnus 27 Rice, Silas, carpenter
Smith, James, blacksmith 11 Marcra, Robert, bricklayer 29 Grimble, George, decorator
Halliday, Henry, engineer 13 Atkinion, J. F. Langley, ?
15 Jenkins, Mrs. Bligh street

Page 245


Mun NEWTOWN. Phi 245

| |
Munni street-East side 40 Cunningham, B. W., tailor Oxford street-North side
Union to Angel street Angel street Bedford street to Bishopgate street
2 Scott, Samuel —— 1 Lord, Henry
4 Sampse, L., joiner Norfolk street-South side 3 Vaunton, E. L., draftsman
6 Bell, John, carpenter King street to Angel street Albemarle street
8 Hepenstall. Isaac, joiner Scott, J., fruiterer 5 Lamartiniere, Alexander, photo-
10 Carvey John Harper, Henry grapher
12 Prior, Edward, stonecutter Wells, Samuel 7 Hawkins, T. H. 13 Smith. R.
14 McGrath, Peter, bootmaker Garside, Mrs. 15 Dyer, Ebenezer
16 Daley, John 20 Kemp, Arthur Eglinghon, -, brickmaker 17 Cook, Henry, bootmaker
Islington street Hewish, George 19 Eva, Arthur
24 Bateman, Simon, carpenter Ventura, Mrs. 21 Turtle, Charles, grocer
26 Bartholomew, Stephen, stonemason Wallace, John, painter 23 Brown, William, salesman
28 West, J. F. Ridge, Mrs. 25 Leigh, Charles
Angel street Camille, Dureau 27 Nepean, Arthur, builder
—— Baanes, James, plumber ——
Munni street-West side Hayden, Thomas, bricklayer Oxford street-South side
Union street to Angel street Angel street 2 Young, George, Cambridge
3 Hinds, James —— cottage
5 Hill, George, bricklayer Norfolk street-North side 8 M’Mahon, Patrick, assurance in-
7 Dyter, J, Croft, Mathew, engineer spector
Islington street Redwin street 10 Catchcart, Mrs., homeopathist
13 Walker, James, accountant Rowe, -, mason 12 St. Bede’s convent, Darnlee
15 Miles, James Mitchell, William 16 Patterson. C. L., contractor
23 Hogden. Thomas, plasterer Hollsbone, A. J., plumber Bishopgate, street
25 Lane, Charles, carpenter Scotland, Walter, carpenter ——
27 Smith, Octavius Angel street Pearl street-West side
29 Callow, J. —— Alice street to Wells street
33 Campbell, Wm. H., storeman O’Connell street-South side Rodgers, J. C., engineer, Hamoze
37 Robinson, F. King street to Raper street Daws, Mason, bricklayer
Angel street 1 Stewart, Wm., carpenter Sutton, John, plumber
—— 3 Hovenden, John Jarman, D., builder
Nelson street-North side Victoria street Jarman, Stephen, mason
King street to Bligh street 7 Cohen, Louis, dealer Brayden, Mrs.
1 Slater, John 9 Smith, John May, G.
Campbell street 11 Oaks, J. Wells street
Bligh street 15 Lee, James ——
—— 17 Stonehill, G. H., saddler Pearl street-East side
Nelson street-South side 19 Humphries, Mrs. Alice street
King to Bligh street 21 Gawthorpe, Frederick, bricklayer Goodsell, F. J., brick master
2 Lessena,, Alexander, bricklayer 23 Atkinson, James Dixon, Henry, telegraph contractor
4 White, William 25 Reynolds, Mrs. Hack, C., stationer, Rosewarm
8 Kilsby, E., wireworker Campbell street cottage
10 Dillon, John 27 Wilson, Mrs., grocery store Guy, Frederick, draper, Essex house
12 Gipson, James 29 Kelly, M. Champion, Mrs.
14 Egan, Felix, bootmaker 33 Mooney, Mrs. Newton, Mrs.
16 Grube, Mrs. 35 Reid, M., engineer Nesbitt, Robert
20 Bentley, Wm. 41 Hutkinson, Thomas, plumber Holding, John, J.P., Holdingsby
Bligh street 47 Hansford, Wm., grocer Sharp, Joseph, mason
—— 69 Turner, William Rogers, Charles
Newman street-East side 71 French, J. Denby, James, ironworker
Union to Angel street Raper street Wills, Frederick, bricklayer
13 Quin, F —— Wells street
17 Fletcher, H. A., saddler O’Connell street-North side ——
Gowrie street King street to Raper street Philip street-South side
23 Skehan, John 2 Scott, Mrs. Enmore road to Railway line
29 Brawn. Walter, surveyor 4 Francis, Henry Sparnon terrace-
31 Bordwln, John, gasfitter 6 Gaw, Mrs., machini – 1 Woiner, Mrs.
33 Asztolos, Mrs, dressmaker 8 Nilson, John – 2 Moore, Mrs.
Angel street 10 Hogg, Mrs. – 3 Moran, Thomas
—— 12 Hogg, Mrs. – 4 Davis, Edward, draftsman
Newman street-West side Victoria street – 5 Rosesthall, Philip, commercial
Union to Angel street 14 Dowler, Samuel, grocer traveller
10 Bath, William 18 Bank, Wm., baker – 6 Dalyal, James, produce merchant
12 Purkiss, Charles, Ashton house 20 Smith, Mrs. Belmore street
14 Davis, Richard, wheelwright 22 Taylor, James Courtney, John, commercial traveller
Gowrie street 24 Taylor, John, waggon inspector Charles street
26 Short, James, carpenter 28 Miller, David, cabinet-maker ——
28 Allison, James Prospect street Philip street-North side
30 Scott, J., printer 36 Duncan, T., grocery store Smith, H. J.
32 French, W. H. 72 Kall, Fawcett, carpenter Margosches, Alexander, jeweller
34 Buckley, G., carpenter 74 Avery, William, carpenter Railway line
36 Whitham, Thomas, bricklayer 80 Smith, James, carpenter
38 Donaldson, David, engineer 82 Joice, James

Page 246


246 Pro NEWTOWN. Sim

| |
Prospect street-East side Lennox street Williams, Thomas, bootmaker
Church to O’Connell street Pondester, Francis, carpenter Day, Mrs., dressmaker
Johnson, P. 37 Hincks, Mark Sloan street
Hordern street 45 Hay, William Budge, James, millwright
Egan street 47 Powell, James Chamberlain, W. A.
—— 49 Dubber, C. E., butcher Burnham. J., cutter
Prospect street-West side 51 Mullins, C., painter Roberts, Amos M., draper
Church to O’Connell street 53 Bott, Edwin, coachbuilder Lidbury, Charles, builder
2 Anderson, Mrs., dressmaker 55 Hayley, James, printer Margaret street
4 Hammond, Abel, stonemason 57 Warn, Mrs. ——
6 St. Stephen’s parsonage back en- 59 Brown. Henry, carpenter Richard street – West side
trance 67 Grey, Henry, builder Missenden road to North Newtown
Egan street 69 Pierce, Charles school
10 Ware, Mrs.. 71 Pithers, James 10 Swan, Henry W., coachbuilder
12 Gray, Richard, collar maker 73 Melville, Ninian, cabinet-maker 12 Scott, William, baker
O’Connell street 75 Moon, – Newtown school
—— 77 Guy. C., carpenter ——
Queen street-West side 81 Prendergast, H., coachman Richard street-East side
King street to Wilson street Moon, J., carrier 1 Baker, Jacob, confectioner
3 Collings, Mrs., Kirk cottage Bishopgate street 3 Arnold, Alfred, engineer
5 Remily, — —— 7 Dailey, John, commercial traveller
7 Maddock, H. D., Solicitor Regent street-East side 9 Hambly, Mrs., dressmaker
9 Plomley, Francis J. 2 Grant, James 29 Davis, Robert, painter
10 Lawson, James, cabinet-maker 4 Hunt, William, commercial Nelson street
15 Madson, Hans traveller Bligh street
17 Newell, R. W. 6 Creswick, James, engineer ——
21 Usher, George, surveyor 8 Taylor, C., storeman Robey street
Stanley, E., grocer 10 Crane, James Off Wilson street
Briestly, J. C. 12 Pursell, John Tlatan, -, surgeon, Norfolk house
Hill street 20 Kingston hotel, Burrows, Albert J. Wilson street
Croker, Miss 22 Sly, J. W., stonemason Lawrence, James, lime merchant
1 Bull, James 24 Quinton, Thomas, plasterer Twiss, Samuel
2 Carson, James, contractor 26 Spencer, William, painter Lorking, Sydney
3 Corcoran, James Lennox street Walker, C. R., carriage painter
5 Riley, John, auctioneer 30 Delponte, A and J., carpenters Ellis, James
Wilson street 32 Kennedy, Wm. J., brickmaker Pepper, Samuel, bricklayer
—— 34 Steves, William, dealer Harris, Mrs.
Queen street-East side 36 Leahy, Jeremiah, blacksmith Dunn, Albert
Hartley, Mrs. 38 Shaw, F., plasterer Clare, Alfred. plasterer
Renouf, Thomas, carpenter 40 Martin, A., plasterer M’Neil, James
Whitfield, Francis, quarryman 42 Mitchell, James, cutter Pinson, Charles
Cooke, Walter, merchant 44 Ismay, George, plasterer Naylor, Thomas, bricklayer
64 White, David, carpenter 46 Fairborn, Henry, plumber Wheeler, Leopold, fitter
66 Weiser, Herman 50 Dillon, Thomas, mason Wilson, J. H.
—— 52 Brooks, Ralph Allen, Walter, gardener
Raper street-West side 54 Turner, M., mason Bogle, David, mason
Church to O’Connell street 56 Jones. F. Tubby, William, carpenter
2 Warland, Arthur 62 Glass Works hotel, Harris, John ——
6 Langland, James, master mariner 66 Adams, J. Sarah street-South side
0 Jubb, Samuel 68 Eady, Walter Edgware road to Simmons street
12 Phillips, William, bookbinder 70 Lock, John, carpenter Mattheson, Thomas, tanner
18 Cowen, Robert, carpenter 72 Gibborn, A. G., stationmaster Bramwell, John
20 Anderson, Donald, dealer 74 Elstab, Robert, carpenter Royal, W. H.
34 Cooper, William 76 Hannah, Hugh Hardman Brothers, steam biscuit
36 Sainty, James Bishopgate street factory
40 Grinham, David, machinest —— Hardman, Richard, merchant
42 Griffen, Thomas Reiby street-East side Hardman, John, jun., merchant
O’Connell street Enmore road to Margaret street Simmons street
—— Rigg, George, Elmaville ——
Raper street-East side James, P. B., draftsman Simmons street-West side
Church to O’Connell street Edward, John Enmore road to Camden street
Ebenezer terrace:- Dadswell, C., bootfinisher Barlett, Henry, accountant
1 Wilson, John Richardson, George, merchant Savage, Samuel, builder
9 Madwick, William M., printer Don street Sarah street
O’Connell street Lyddy, P., bootmaker Everill, George, ironmoulder
—— Stone, John Miles, A.
Regent street-West side Benson, Mrs. Stephenson, William, butcher
Bedford street to Bishopgate street Fox, Jesse, stonemason . Harrison, Edward, grocer
5 Raffey, Peter, painter Dalby, Mrs Patman, Thomas
7 Hanson, Hans, joiner Atkinson, Mrs. Hansen, Harold, bricklayer
9 Hoffman Fred Margaret street Colley, Joseph, dealer
11 O’Downes, Mrs. —— Camden street
13 Hewson,- Reiby street-West side Gray, George, warehouseman
15 Elliot, J., bootmaker Enmore road to Margaret street Watts, Albert, engine-fitter
17 Campbell, J., mason Cass, J., bootfinisher Croft, F., teacher of singing and piano
19 Daley, William Johnson, Edward, grocer Happ, Andrew, wheelwright
Creise, Charles


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Sim NEWTOWN. Uni 247

| |
M’Cullough, J. Goldsmith, Henry, school attendance St. John street-North side
Sutton, Mrs. officer, Fern cottage 7 Malone, Martin, gardener,
Bennett, Thomas 0., engineer Mahony, Francis. artist Emerald cottage
Ayling, Arthur, draftsman Craig, John, Estherville 9 Cooper, George, plumber
Small, William, commission agent Bailey street King street
Collins, Miss, dressmaker Rattenbury, Joseph ——
Cooper, Richard, plasterer Short street St. Mary street-South side
Mitchell, Joseph, fuel merchant, Violet Rowe, Mrs. grocer Trade street to Bishopgate street
cottage Collie, Walter 10 Hawkins, Thomas, plasterer
Richards, William, house and land Shearman, John 20 Lincolin, Thomas
agent Weekley, C., blacksmith 24 Scanlan, Edmund, plasterer
M’Kearn, George Billett. James, dealer ——
Martin, Charles, moulder Box, Samuel, carpenter St. Mary street-North side
Vineberg, Alexander, bootmaker Simpson, Thomas Trade street to Bishopgate street
Bent, Cornelius Lewis, Richard, jeweller 50 Ryan, Mrs.
Edinborough, Edwin, painter Vermeesch, J. C. 52 Hewett, James J., plasterer
Chaffer, William, builder —— 54 Toepfer, Fritz
Hackney, A., compositor Station street-East side Brown street
Armstrong, Thomas, builder Railway station to Holt street ——
Scott, John Somerset hotel, Rogers, Edmund Susan street-North side
—— Read. A., teacher of music and danc- Longdown street to Brown street
Simmons street- East side ing 1 Bland, Thomas
Enmore road to Camden street Warwick hall Campbell street
Rea, A., professor of music, Butleigh Mitchell, Joseph, coal and wood yard 3 Able. John, carpenter
Henry, Daniel, Justice of Peace, and ship owner 5 Grant, Thomas, coachpainter
Yarrowa Enmore road 7 M’Namara, Mrs.
Alcock, James, hide merchant Partridge, Mrs. 9 Smith, William, builder
Mutton, Edward Murphy, Miss, Hawthorn Brown street
Sloan street Merritt, George, Austinville ——
Pelly, George, plasterer Wakeford, George, engineer, Mansfield Susan street-South side
Camp, Wm., engineer Hooker. William, gas engineer, Waikau Longdown street to Brown street,
Fulham street cottage Camperdown
Underwood, John, messenger Woodhouse, James 6 Smith, James H., painter
Whatnough, Mrs. Tye, James, draper Campbell street
Frethowan, Henry, builder Conley, James, accountant, Sehtton 8 M’Grath, Mrs.
—— house 12 Bullen, James, Council overseer
Sloan street-North side Francis, Alfred, Government surveyor 16 Newman, Charles, register of
Simmons street to Reiby street Dean, Edward, Ulster house births, deaths and marriages
Dowling, John, tailor Ulster terrace :- 20 Knight, Charles, carpenter
Stephenson, John – 1 Fuller, Edgen, commercial 24 Quirk Mrs.
Kallerman, William traveller 24 Donaghoe, Mrs.
Hinds, Frederick – 3 Price, R. S. 32 Howe, Robert B builder
Booth, Charles – 4 Bland, F. M. 46 Meyer, Herman
Steer, Robert, bookbinder – 5 Franklin, H., printer and publisher 48 Kirby, S. S., bookseller
—— – 6 M’Karn, Fred ——
Sloan street- South side – 7 Lennon, John, bootmaker Trade street-West side
Angus and Son, coach factory – 8 Stuart, Miss, music teacher St. Mary street to Railway line
Reiby street – 9 Hennesy, J. F. 3 Vermesch, John
—— – 10 Price, James, tidewaiter Railway line
Stanmore road- North side – 11 Auroussen, Hopolyte ——
Enmore road to Liberty street – 12 Page, James T., painter Trade street-East side
Twickenham terrace : – – 13 Owen, James B. 1 Aitken, Enoch, contractor
Greenwood, B. J., produce mer- – 14 Neale, John 3 Heath, George, bricklayer
chant – 15 Hart, P. F., builder and contractor 5 Smith, J. B., painter
Cozens, Richard, warehouseman Holt street 7 Aitken, Mrs.
Burne, E. E., house decorator Rubie, Edward Joseph, manager 9 Kennedy, James
Christ Church, Johnstone, Rev. J. W., of St. Josephs Building Society 11 Smith, Robert, carpenter
M.A. Macham. W. C. 13 Weekley, Mrs., dressmaker
Johnson, T. W., baker Hall, James, blacksmith 15 Weekley, John, carpenter
Liberty street Jeffries, Mrs. 19 Gannon, F,
—— Gilbert, Edward ——
Station street- West side Owen, George Trafalgar terrace
Betelman, Mrs., confectioner Camden College fence Station street to Liberty street
Enmore road —— Falconer, M’Vey Napier, station mas-
Bruce, Alexander, Chief Inspector of St. John street-South side er
stock Angel street to King street Railway station
Gibbes, F. J., M.P. 4 Armstrong, W. A., bootmaker Ruppel and Diener, printing office
Gibbes, W. C. V., Prothonataries office 6 Bell, William, constable Liberty street
Elliott, E. C., merchant, Dulwitch house 10 Simpson, John, engineer ——
Don street 12 Simmons, George, auctioneer Union street-North side
Hardy, J., grocer 24 Gerrett, James, commercial traveller Erskineville road to Cook’s River road
Duesbury, George, general smith, Os- King street Newman street
marten cottage Pepper, John, grocer
Kaig street Dillottson, Samuel
Brown, P. J., pictureframe maker


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248 Vic NEWTOWN. Wil

| |
Fennell, Mrs. Watkins street-East side John street
Couch, John, saddler King street to Wilson street Trollope, Henry, carpenter
3 Dowsett, John, patternmaker 2 Andrews, Mr., boardinghouse Wainwright, Jordan
5 Minns, George, plumber keeper Edgware road
7 Harris, Thomas, ironmonger 4 Millington, Jesse, contractor ——
9 Layton, J. T., organ builder 8 Dixon, Robert, carpenter Wells street-North side
11 Lambert, J. 18 Frazer, John W., commercial King street to Edgware road
13 Sutton, George, engineer traveller Brunt, William, packer
15 Pepper, J., bricklayer 40 Carter, Mrs. Pearl street
17 Williams, John, carpenter 42 Hatton, William May terrace
19 Satchell, W. S., stonemason Wilson street – 1 West, Benjamin, bootmaker
21 Williams, Albert, plasterer —— – 2 Woodcock, John, blacksmith
23 Slater, Mrs., dressmaker Wellington street-North side – 3 Cording, C., carpenter
25 Frazer, Angus Bedford street to Bishopgate street – 4 Loftus, Mrs.
27 Worrell, Robert 1 Lavender, George, Landown – 5 Bishop, W. L., dealer
29 Churchwood, Charles, Norwood cottage Commodore street
31 Murray, George 3-5-7-9 Gould. Mrs., teacher of dancing Fanning, Mrs.
33 Eggleton, Martin J. 11 Grange, T. C. Newtown pound-Rawlings, James,
39 Eggleton, W. R. T., brickmaker 13 Dearm, Mrs. keeper
41 Clayton, J. E., brickmaker 15 Lindley, Mrs. Haffner, Leonard, builder
Errol street Presbyterian church Edgware road
47 Benjamin, J., grocer 23 Everest, George ——
55 Cook, D. 25 Trotter, Alexander, commission Wilford street-South side
57 Tarmen, Thomas, carrier agent Enmore road to Station street
59 Johnson, Wm., tinsmith 37 Blanch, H. M. Trengowse, Mrs., Emily villa
Munni street 39 Rowley, A. W., solicitor Eteson, William D., accountant
65 Withers, G., grocer 41 Richardson, Robert, auctioneer ——
69 Thompson, J. D., painter 43 Blacket, Mrs. Wilford street-North side
75 Freshwater, George, plasterer Albemarle street Wynn, Thomas, inspector of Govern-
77 Lomkin, G., carpenter 43 Campbell, James ment railway works
79 Dehy, Stephen, jam maker 49 Grounds, Wm., cab proprietor Reid, William H., gardener
95 Hutton, Joseph, stonemason 51 Fewkes, H. N., plasterer Enmore road
101 Cordner, William, commission 57 Colling, T., parcel delivery vans ——
agent 61 King, Walter, dealer Wilson street-South side
103 Watt, Mrs. 63 Grimshaw, Mrs. H. Erskineville road to Forbes street
105 Rankin, William, constable 65 Cantler, Charles, saddler 1 Waddups, Richard
107 Crosby, G. 67 Coveney, Mrs., dressmaker 3 Pratt, William, painter
131 Garwell, William 69 Bell, George, bootmaker 5 Agnew, George, coachbuilder
133 Ibbotson, Charles H.,coach builder 75 M’Intosh, James, carpenter 7 Hodkinson, Thomas, gasfitter
135 Jenkins, J. Thompson, William 9 Atwater, F. A., printer
Union Inn, Burbige, Edwin H. 83 Matchett, Abraham 11 Larkins, N., sub-inspector of
Cook’s River road 85 Jones, Andrew, carpenter police
—— 87 Franklin, Mrs. 13 Alcock, W. C., tanner
Victoria street 89 Arnold, Sydney, hatter 15 Short, G., teacher of dancing
Church street to Cemetery Bishopgate street 17 Cooper, William, gasfitter
Hordern street —— 19 Peroy, Frederick, carpenter
Egan street Wellington street-South side 21 Dunk, Walter, salesman
1 Hartman, L. 12 Hunt, Samuel B., auditor 23 Coleman, W., blacksmith
Cemetery 14 Lane, Rev. George 25 Wright, Thomas, packer
—— 16 Smith, Sydney, auctioneer 33 Nicholl, George, painter
Victoria street 18 Jolly, Mrs. 35 Davis, James
Church street to St. Stephens Cemetery 20 Spiere, Peter 37 Jarman, Richard, brickmaker
3 Cassidy, Hugh 22 Fitzpatrick, Rev. John Paul 39 Salmon, J., plumber
Egan street 24 Stonier, W., draper 41 Lamond, James, builder
Cemetery 26 Stonier, Miss A., school teacher 45 Calow, R. E, Woolrych, F. B. W.,
—— Albemarle street district surveyors
Watkins street-West side 36 Turtle, Charles, dealer 47 Buncombe, R. K., stationer
1 Weeks, James, undertaker 38 Kiami, T. P., agent 49 Marie, Mada, teacher of french
3 Cockburn, William 40 Wild, Edward 51 Craig, Henry, Boisnella house
5 Fowler, Frederick W. 42 Mills, Edward, builder Robey street
7 Vogan, Walter, commercial 44 Barnett, Wm. 55 Molesworth, Edwin, customs agent
traveller 46 Wheeler, Wm. J., cabinet-maker Watkins street
9 Penwick, Mrs. 48 Thomas. Robert, carpenter 65 Davis, William
11 Harrison, Alfred, builder 50 Foxon, Joseph, glassblower 75 Jeffries, L.L.B., James R., The
17 M’Murtrie, James, draper 52 Thomas, Thomas Retreat
19 O’Brien,J. P., draper 58 Lee, George 85 Blackman, Mrs. S., Retreat
27 Taylor, James, monumental 60 Monck, T. G., carpenter cottage
mason 64 Nicholson, Wm., watchmaker 139 M’Culloch, Thomas, Pine villa
29 Cockerton, G. A., traveller 66 Appleton, James Little, John, auctioneer, The Grange
31 Sproull, James, gardener Bishopgate street Forbes street
37 Smith, Mark, contractor —— ——
39 Davis, E. J., engineer Wells street-South side Wilson street-North side
41 Triggs, G. N., coachbuilder King street to Edgware road 2 Morris, Richard, stonemason
43 Atkinson, Edward G., Barton, Henry, joiner 4-6 Williams, William H., saddler
45 Hannigan, Mrs. Martin, T.
Wilson street Eddershaw, Mrs.


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Wil NEWTOWN. Yar 249

| |
8 Gommosen, Joseph, engineer 82 Lowends, Samuel, builder 166 Harrison, Henry M., carpenter
12 Dean, Alexander, Watkins street Forbes street
18 Aspinall, John, auctioneer 92 Monk, Edward J. ——
20 Hillier, Frank, cordial manufacturer Bucknell street Yaralla street-South side
22 Dawes, George 110 Land, William, plasterer 1 Guy, David
26 Bradford, -, dealer Fitzroy street 3 Whitehead, John
28 Herring, William, bookseller 140 M’Phillamy, Mrs. 5 Lane, J., carpenter
30 Webber, A. J., wheelwright 142 Lynch, John, saddler ——
38 Nelson, Mr. Plomley, Mrs., Rose bank Yaralla street-North side
40 Harris, – 152 Chapman, -, Willow lodge Bucknell street to fence
42 Massey, Mrs. W. W. 156 Burt, Alfred, Louisville 2 Baldic, J. W.
44 Cahil, Martin, blacksmith Queen street 4 Hunter. James
Masson, John, Bayview 158 Wilcox, John Ross, James, carpenter
76 Wilson, Wm, G., plumber 160 M’Pherson, Alex., joiner 12 Garrett, Wm. G., cordial manufacturer
78 Harper, John 162 Bourke, D. J. Fence
164 Cook, J., plasterer