Index to Streets
Ailsbury St, from Missenden rd, to Elizabeth st.
Albemarle st., from Australia st, to Horbury terrace.
Albert st, from Horbury terrace to Trade st.
Australia st., from Newtown rd. to Bishopsgate St.
Baltic st, from Horbury terrace to Trade st.
Bedford st, from Newtown rd, to Railway Station.
Bishopsgate st., from Australia st, to Oxford st.
Bligh St., from Missenden rd, to Newtown rd.
Brick st,, from Camperdn. rd. to O’Connell st.
Bucknell st, from Newtown rd, to Wilson st.
Camden st., from Newtown rd. to Edgware rd.
Campbell st, from O’connell st, to Boundary.
Camperdown rd., from Newtn. rd. to Tuting st.
Cavendish st, from Enmore rd. South to Li-berty st,
Charles st, from Camperdown rd, to Austra-lia st.
Denison st, from Bedford st. to Bishopsgate st.
Edgware rd., from Harrow rd, to May st.
Egan st, from Newtown rd. to Raper’s fence.
Eliza st. from. Newtown rd. to Charles st.
Elizabeth st, from Newtown rd, to Bligh st.
Enmore rd., from Newtown rd. to Juliet st.
Erskineville lane, from Newtown rd, to Boundary.
Fitzroy st, from Newtown. rd. to Wilson st.
Forbes st, from Toll bar to Wilson st.
Francis st., from Newtown rd, to Harrow rd.
Holt st., from Newtown rd, to Station st.
Horbury terrace, from Bedford st to Boundary.
Hordern st., from. Newtown rd, to Bligh st.
James st, off Harrow rd.
Juliet st, from Newtown rd. to Harrow rd.
Lennox st, from Australia st. to Oxford st.
Longdown, st, from O’Connell st. to Boundary.
Lord st, from Newtown rd. to Edgware rd.
Maria st, from Newton rd. to Edgware rd.
Mary st., from Newtown rd. to Charles st.
May st., from Newtown rd. to Edgware rd.
Mechanic st., from Camperdown rd. to Egan st.
Missenden rd., from Newtown rd. to Bligh st.
Nelson st, from Newtown rd. to Bligh st.
Newtown rd., from Toll bar to Boundary.
Newtown st, from Newtown rd. to Union st.
O’Connell st, from Newtown rd. to Boundary.
Oxford st, from Horbury ter. to Bishopsgate st.
Prospect st., from Camperdown rd. to O’Connell st.
Regent st., from Bedford st, to Bishopsgate st.
Richard st, from Missenden rd, to Elizabeth st.
Rockford St., from Newtown rd. to Boundary.
Sarah st, from Harrow rd. to Simmonds st.
Short St., from Newtown rd. to Union st.
Simmonds St., from Enmore rd. to Sarah st.
Stanmore rd., from Enmore rd. to Liberty st.
Station st., from Newtown rd. to Lennox st.
St, Mary st., from Trade st. to Bishopsgate st.
Susan st., from Longdown st, to Boundary.
Tuting st., from Australia st. to Camperdown rd.
Union st., from Enmore rd., to Holt st.
Wellington st., from Bedford st. to Bishopsgate street.
Well st., from Newtown rd, to Edgware rd.
Wilson st., from Newtown rd. to Forbes st.

Residents – Name & Address

Adams & Webber, coachbuilders and wheel-wrights, Newtown rd.
Adams, Edward R., Wilson st.
Adams, John, fruiterer, O’connell st.
Adams, Thomas, Australia st., Kingston.
Adams, William C., monumental mason, Camperdown rd,
Addison, William, painter, Campbell st.
Aird, George, fireman, Missenden rd.
Albon, R., carpenter, Denison st, Kingston.
Allan, M., Camden terrace, Newtown rd.
Alien, James, ‘bus proprietor, Camperdown rd.
Alien, Thomas, horsedealer, Campbell st.
Anderson, James, Missenden rd.
Anderson, James, Terminus Inn, Enmore rd.
Andrew, J., earthenware store, Newtown rd.
Andrews, Edwin, mason, Hordern st.
Andrews, George, boot maker, Camden st.
Andrews, John, monumental mason, Camper-down rd.
Andrews, J. R., Camperdown rd.
Andrews, Thomas, coach painter, Denison st., Kingston.
Annesley, David, warehouseman, Enmore rd.
Ansell, William, Campbell st.
Arnold, Edmund, grocer, O’connell st.
Arundell, George, carpenter, Camden st.
Ashmede, Henry, carpenter, Campbell st.
Ashmede, Thomas, carpenter, Campbell st.
Aspinall, John J., grocer, Longdown st.
Atkyns, Robert, clerk, Susan st.
Attwood, George, Newtown rd.
Attwood, William, Newtown rd.
Aubrey, Mark, Enmore rd.
Austin, Henry, parcel delivery, Newtown rd.
Bailey, charles, schoolmaster, Campbell st.
Bailey, Richard, boot maker, Newtown rd.
Bailey, William, builder, Enmore rd.
Baker, John, O’Connell st.
Baker, Wm., cabinet maker, Eliza st.
Baldick, James, blacksmith, Albemarle st.
Baldick, S., timber merchant, Newtown rd.
Baldick, Stephen, Albemarle st.
Baldick, William, sexton, cemetery, Camperdown rd.
Balmer, Geo., Crown & Anchor, Newtown rd.
Banks, Robert N., council clerk, Bedford st., Kingston
Barden, Edward, butcher, Newtown rd.
Barff, Mrs. Amelia, Enmore rd.
Barker, George William, Albemarle st.
Barker, John, grocer, Camden st.
Barrell, R., hay & corn dealer, Newtown rd.
Barrett, Mrs. Hannah, Newtown rd.
Baskett, John, painter, Newtown rd.
Bastable, Arthur, pattern maker, Denison st., Kingston.
Bateman, George, Camperdown rd.
Bath, Mrs. Mary, Enmore rd.
Batlen, James, miner, Wilson st.
Baylis, Edward E., St Mary’s st.
Bedford, David, baker and grocer, Newtown rd.
Bedford, George, builder, Charles st.
Beehag, William, grocer, Newtown rd.
Bennett, J., Rose Bank, Wilson st.
Bieler, William, grocer, Newtown rd.
Biggs, John, shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Biper, George, milkman, Camden st.
Bird, James, Wellington st.
Blackstone, Joseph, Masonic Hall Hotel, Newtown rd.
Blake, Henry, Regent st., Kingston.
Blessing, Mrs. Ellen, Albemarle st
Boston, Thos., watchmaker, Newtown rd.
Bott, Edwin, wheelwright, Hordern st.
Bourne, Fred., carpenter, Regent st., Kingston.
Bowers, John, dealer, Egan st.
Boyd, Thomas, clerk, Longdown st.
Brabins, Thomas, bricklayer, Newtown rd.
Braddock, George, carpenter, O’Connell st.
Bradly, James O., Station st.
Braga, Mrs. Mary Ann, Station st.
Bramwell, John, Bedford st.
Breeze, John, policeman, Enmore rd.
Breillat, T., J.P., Thurnley House, Enmore rd.
Brennan, Mrs. Ann, Denison st, Kingston.
Bridger, James, painter, Newtown rd.
Brierley, John, carpenter, Albemarle st.
Briggs, Alfred, milkman, Regent st.
Kingston Briggs, Fredk. H., dairyman, St. Mary’s st.
Broad, Robert, Albemarle st.
Broadley, Joseph, farrier, Newtown rd.
Broadley, Joshua, weaver, Hordern st.
Bromley, Henry, Sarah st.
Brooks, John W., Australia House.
Brown, George, bootmaker, Oxford st.
Brown, Henry, Longdown st.
Brown, John, Regent st.
Brown, Mrs. M., dressmaker, Albemarle st.
Brown, Stephen Campbell, M.L.A., Leichhardt Lodge.
Brown, William, oysterman, Newtown rd.
Bryant, Elizabeth, Albemarle st.
Bryant, George, carter, Station st.
Bryant, John A., Mary st.
Bucknell, Mrs. Martha, Maryville, Wilson st.
Bullen, James, O’Connell st.
Bullen, Valentine, brick maker, Campbell st.
Bunbury, Mrs. S., dressmaker, Newtown rd.
Burgess, Edmund, baker, Charles st.
Burgess, George, carpenter, Charles st.
Burgess, Theodore, Regent st. Kingston.
Busher, Thos., butcher, Denison st., Kingston.
Busnell, Thomas, O’Connell st.
Butler, Charles, shingler, Newtown rd.
Butler, Hy., wheelwright, Denison st., Kingstn.
Butler, Joseph, gardener, Charles st.
Butler, William, wheelwright, Wellington st.
Byers, Robt., surgeon, Australia st., Kingston.
, john, Wellington st.
Callaghan, Wm., Pelican Motel, Newtown rd.
Carlton, Robert, Brick st.
Carman, Jeremiah, cabinet maker, Newtown rd.
Carr, Mrs. Ann, Newtown rd.
Cashman, John Joseph M., Albemarle st.
Chamberlain, W., master mariner, Charles st.
Chard, John, Baltic st.
Chisholm, Henry, Australia st. Kingston.
Chislett, Stephen, builder, Newtown rd.
Christmas, Robert, wood turner, Newtown rd.
Clapperson, S., ‘bus proprietor, Denison st., Kingston
Clarke, G., policeman, Regent st., Kingston.
Clarke, Joseph T., Australia st.
Cleeve, John K,, junr., Australia st.
Coates, R., brickmaker, Regent st, Kingston.
Codner, William, draper, Fitzroy st.
Cole, Jabez, grocer, Enmore rd.
Cole, Luke, Newtown rd.
Collier, Mrs. Ann, Newtown rd.
Collins, E., milkman, Denison st,, Kingston.
Collins, John, carpenter, Denison st., Kingston
Colwell, T., milkman, Denison st, Kingston.
Commercial bank, Newtown Branch, New-town rd.
Condren, Mrs. Rose, Egan st.
Congregational Church & School, Newtn, rd.
Conley, James, Newtown rd.
Conley, James, Kingston Lodge Hotel, Lennox st.
Connoly, T., ‘bus proprietor, Mechanic st.
Connor, George, bootmaker, Egan st.
Constable, Edward, Eliza st.
Cook, Daniel, Australia st, Kingston
Cook, J., vanman, Mary st.
Cook, Henry, bootmaker, Oxford st.
Coombes, William, Horbury terrace, Kingston.
Cooper, Alfred, Regent st., Kingston
Cooper, T., Matilda Cottage, Wilson st.
Corbitt, Laurence, Egan st.
Cotter, John H., butcher, Egan st.
Cotters, William, miner, Missenden rd.
Coveny, Richard, Wellington st.
Cowan, Richard, Missenden rd.
Cox, Charles, butcher, Camperdown rd.
Cozens, Richard W., Stanmore rd.
Craig, Mrs. Eliza, Regent st.
Craine, E.,blacksmith, Denison st, Kingston
Crane, William, clerk, Missenden rd.
Cranstone, James, shipwright, Denison st., Kingston
Croft, William, carpenter, O’connell st.
Croudace, Mrs. Charlotte, draper, Newtown rd.
Crowley, Michael, Wellington st.
Curtis, William, builder, Hordern
Dadswell, thomas 0., Wellington st.
Dahlquist, A., engineer, Regent st. Kingston.
Daley, James, Regent st, Kingston.
Darby, Robert T., Hordern st.
Davis, Alfred, Camperdown rd.
Davis, Charles, carpenter, Oxford st.
Davis, Joseph, butcher. Newtown rd.
Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth, Union st.
Davison, Joseph, Baltic st, Kingston.
Day, George, mason, Albemarle st.
Day, Isaac, Wellington st.
Day, Thomas, ironmonger, Wellington st.
Dean, Adam, gardener, Wilson st.
Dean, Edward, Denison st, Kingston.
De Boos, Charles, Regent st, Kingston.
Denman, Geo., ‘bus proprietor, Australia st, Kingston.
Digby, Thomas, Denison st, Kingston.
Dingwall, William B., mason, Hordern st.
Dixon, Mrs. Barnes, Holmwood, Newtown rd.
Dolman, William, Camden st.
Donnithorne, Miss, Newtown rd.
Donohoe, John, harness maker, Newtown rd.
Donohoe, John, baker, Erskineville rd.
Donohoe, Thomas J., baker, Newtown rd.
Doran, Charles H., auctioneer, Egan st.
Douglas, Robert, tailor, Juliet st.
Douglass, Arthur. Camden st.
Downey, James, Laurel Villa, Erskineville rd.
Downing, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hordern st.
Doyle, William, Wilson st.
Dransfield, Richard, Newtown rd.
Drynan, Mrs. Mary, Campbell st.
Dubber, Edward, butcher, Susan st.
Ducker, John, draper, Enmore rd.
Duggan, Michael, baker, Nelson st.
Duncan, Matthew J., clerk, Nelson st.
Duncan, Mrs. Ann, Longdown st.
Dunford, William, painter, O’connell st.
Dunlop, Robert, schoolmaster, Newtown rd.
Dunn, Henry J,, general dealer, Bedford st, Kingston
Dunnett, Charles, bricklayer, Camden st.
Dymock, Thomas, baker, Newtown rd.
Eagar, Mrs. Jemima, Denison st, Kingston.
Earle, George, dealer, Hordern st.
Earls, Michael, boot maker, Newtown rd.
Edwards, Cornelius F., ironmonger, Wilson st.
Egan, Felix, boot maker, Egan st.
Eggleton, William, brick maker, Wilson st
Eldershaw, Thomas B., Campbell st.
Eldred, W. H., Wilson st.
Eldridge, Mrs. John, Egan st.
Elliott, John, Campbell st
Elstub, James, blacksmith, Newtown rd.
Elstub, E., wheelwright, Regent st, Kingston
Elstub, Thomas, Campbell st.
Elvy, Mrs. Bridget, Sarah st.
Emery, E., shoemaker, Denison st, Kingston.
Emms, J., dray proprietor, Denison st, Kingston
Erskine, Mrs. Lydia, Campbell st.
Evans, Maurice, Baltic st.
Evers, Lawrence, grocer, Camden st.
Ewens, John, clerk, Albemarle st
Fache, C. J., Orimbah Terrace, Newtown rd.
Falconer, M. N., station master, railway station
Fallick, Alfred, clerk, Albert st.
Fallick, William C., ironmonger, Newtown rd.
Farley, James, policeman, Kingsbury’s lane.
Farr, Charles, O’connell st.
Featherstone, Michael, draper, Richard st.
Felton, Mrs. Louisa, Campbell st.
Fielding, Edward, Denison st, Kingston.
Fitzgibbons, Patrick, O’connell st.
Flaherty, John, police station, Newtown rd.
Fleming, C., gardener, Denison st, Kingston.
Fleming, William, Oxford st.
Fogg, Samuel, ironmonger, Campbell st.
Fogg, Samuel, ironmonger, Campbell st.
Fiord, Edward, Campbell st
Fort, William, tailor, Regent st.
Fuller, Charles, Albemarle st.
Furlonger, John Hill, cabinet maker and undertaker, Newtown rd.
Gadley, Richard, woolwasher, James st.
Galliott, Mrs. W., Campbell st.
Gallon, Thomas, O’Connell st.
Galvin, Thomas, Hordern st
Garavel, Rev. Joseph M., Oxford st.
Gardiner, William B., Albemarle st
Gardiner, Wm G., clerk, Denison st, Kingston.
Garrett, John, Wellington st.
Garrett, Robert, Wilson st.
Garwell, Wm., Newtown Inn, Newtown rd.
Gibbes, Mrs. W., Camden Terrace, Newtown rd.
Gibbons, Martin, contractor, Australia st
Gilbert, Miss C., ladies’ school, Station st.
Gill, T., collector, Camden ter., Newtown rd.
Givvins, John, ‘bus proprietor, Australia st.
Glissan, James, Newtown rd.
Goldsmith, James, draper, Newtown rd.
Goode, John, brickmaker, Wilson st.
Goodin, T., carpenter, Horbury ter., Kingston.
Goodin, Wm., ‘bus proprietor, Newtown rd.
Goodin, W. E., Daniel Lambert Hotel, New-town rd.
Graham, G. W., Bucknell and Wilson sts.
Graham, Samuel, auctioneer, Bishopsgate st.
Grant, Thomas, Susan st.
Gray, – Horbury Terrace, Kingston.
Gray, John, gingerbeer maker, Newtown rd.
Green, George, baker, Newtown rd.
Green, Timothy O’S., Wilson st.
Gregory, Alfred, vanman, Newtown rd.
Griffin, William, Newtown rd.
Griffits, Mrs., school, Camden ter., Newtn rd.
Grimshaw, James, Wellington st.
Grinham, Thomas, engineer, Sarah st.
Guy, James, wheelwright, Richard st.
Guy, Mrs. Eleanor, fruiterer, Newtown rd.
Hadsley, Mrs. Francis, school, Newtown rd.
Haigh, Bartin, clerk, Susan st.
Hall, Edward, James st.
Hambling, John, grocer, Newtown rd.
Hamilton, John, Regent st.
Hamilton, Mrs., Regent st, Kingston
Hamilton, Mrs. Peter, Hordern st.
Hand, Peter, Nelson st.
Hanks, J. G., Newtown rd.
Hardaker, Benjamin, builder, Wellington st.
Hardaker, G., painter, Denison st, Kingston.
Hardern, Mrs. Albemarle st.
Hardy, George, sawyer, Nelson st.
Hare, James, bootmaker, Camden st.
Harland, John, draper, Newtown rd.
Harland, Miss, haberdasher, Newtown rd.
Harris, George, shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Harris, John, gardener, James st.
Harris, Mrs. Charles, James st.
Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth, Wilson st
Harrison, A, fruiterer & grocer, Newtown rd.
Harrison, Matthew, ironmonger, Newtown rd. and Short st
Harriss, James, clerk, Enmore rd.
Hawkings, Henry, Denison st, Kingston.
Hawkins, Thomas, painter, O’connell st.
Hayes, James, carpenter, Camden st.
Hazarrah, Henry, brickmaker, Camden st.
Healey, Michael, Union st.
Hellmer, J. F., cabinet maker, Denison st, Kingston.
Henry, Daniel, clerk, Enmore rd.
Higgins, Mrs. Ann, Enmore rd.
Hill, Rowland, Enmore Hotel, Camden st.
Hilliard, William, drayman, Susan st.
Hitchcock, Geo., mason, Regent st, Kingston.
Hobbs, William, Dr., Wellington st.
Hogg, Lancelot, Nelson st.
Hoggard, Mrs., fruiterer, Newtown rd.
Holloway, Thomas, painter, Newtown rd.
Holmes, Henry, ‘bus proprietor, Enmore rd.
Hopit, Ebenezer, brickmaker, Camden st.
Horgan, John, Star Inn, Newtown rd.
Howard, Michael, ‘bus proprietor, Denison st., Kingston.
Howe, Robert, bricklayer, Susan st.
Hudson, Henry, butcher, Newtown rd.
Hudson, Joseph, plasterer, Egan st.
Hudson, Mrs. Mary, Newtown rd.
Huffnell, Thomas, Wellington st.
Hughes, John, woolwasher, James st.
Hughes, William, dealer, Camden st.
Humphries, Thomas, chemist and druggist, Newtown rd.
Humphrys, Mrs. Rose, grocer, O’connell st.
Hunt, Arthur, Enmore rd.
Hurst, James, ‘bus proprietor, Mary st.
Hutchinson, David B., Camperdown rd.
Hyndman, Samuel, tanner, James st.
Ikin, Henry, Camden st.
Innes, Daniel, builder, Regent st., Kingston
Islip, Thomas, printers’ joiner, Camden st.
Jackson, William, Newtown rd.
Jackson, William, mariner, Wellington st.
Jamison, William, brickmaker, Newtown rd.
Jarman, Andrew, shoemaker, Station st.
Jarman, Henry, shoemaker, Wellington st.
Jay, Samuel, Station st.
Jenkins, W. S., joiner, Denison st, Kingston.
Jennings, Thomas, ironmonger. Newtown rd.
Joass, John, gardener, Wilson st.
Johnson, E., butcher, Australia st., Kingston.
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Campbell st.
Johnson, Samuel, saddler, Newtown rd.
Jolly, William, Camden terrace, Newtown rd.
Jones, J. J., carpenter and joiner, Charles st.
Jones, John, plasterer, Hordern st.
Jones, John, bootmaker, Nelson st.
Jones, William, tailor, Newtown rd.
Josephson, Joshua F., M.L.A., Enmore, rd.
Joy, Edward, Camden terrace, Newtown rd.
Judd, John, Camden st.
Kearney, John, Nelson st.
Kebby, Charles, Newtown rd.
Keene, F.C., clerk, Horbury terrace, Kingston.
Kelly, Edward, Regent st
Kelly, James, carpenter, Longdown st.
Kelly, Patrick, mason, Regent st, Kingston
Kelly, Robert, Newtown rd.
Kemp, Rev. C. C., Newtown rd.
Kemp, W., bootmaker, Regent st., Kingston.
Kendall, Henry, Enmore rd.
Kent, Rev. S.C., Camden College, Newtown rd.
Kidd & Kelly, bakers and millers, Newtown rd.
Kimmins, John, shoe maker, Bryant’s Terrace, Australia st.
King, John, storeman, Campbell st.
King, Thomas, Camden st.
Kingsbury, J., Kingsbury lane, Enmore rd.
Know, John, Egan st.
Lake, John, Albemarle st.
La Martinere, Brice, Wellington st.
Lamb, John, Enmore rd.
Lambert, William, mariner, Albemarle st.
Land, Wm., plasterer, Regent st, Kingston.
Lane, John, carpenter, Missenden rd.
Langford, Rev. Jabez, Denison st, Kingston.
Langhorne, George, house and estate agent, Newtown rd.
Langley, John, Newtown rd.
Larkin, James, shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Lash, Isaac, parcel delivery, Baltic st.
Laurie, Miss Rebecca, school, Albemarle st.
Lawson, Mrs. Elizabeth, Egan st.
Leader, William, bricklayer, Missenden rd.
Lee, James, O’connell st.
Lee, Richard J., dairyman, Station st.
Lendon, Mrs, Sarah, Egan st.
Lennon, Mrs., Newtown rd.
Lennon, Stephen, printer, Campbell st.
Levy, John, ‘bus proprietor, Enmore rd.
Lincoln, Thomas, St Mary’s st.
Littley, Mrs. Catherine, St Mary’s st.
Lock, James, Albemarle st.
Lock, Richard, ‘bus proprietor, Mary st.
Long, George, B.A, Camden College, Newtown rd.
Losee, John A., ironmonger, Newtown rd.
Lotze, Edward, clerk, Orimbah Terrace,Newtown rd.
Lovegrove, Richard, gas fitter and plumber, Newtown rd.
, alexander, Newtown rd.
McDermott, Mrs. C. S., Bryant’s Terrace, Australia st.
McDiarmid, Archibald, Newtown rd.
Mclntosh, John, head master Camden College, Enmore rd.
McKay, William, tailor, James st.
McKern, William, clerk, Campbell st.
McLeod, George, storeman, Newtown rd.
McMahon, P., grocer, Australia st, Kingston.
McPhillamy, Mrs. Mary, Newtown rd.
Machan, Joseph, dealer, Newtown road.
Macken, Patrick, carter, Albemarle st.
Makin, Mrs. Maria, Nelson st.
Maney, Andrew, Union and Short sts.
Mannix, Mrs. Alice, Campbell st.
Marsh, John, carpenter and joiner, Susan st.
Martin, Charles, ironmoulder, Albemarle st.
Mason, Frank, Regent st, Kingston.
Mason, R, blacksmith, Australia st, Kingston.
Masters, William, Wilson st.
Matchett, A., letter carrier, Wellington st.
Melville, H., wheelwright, Regent st., Kingston.
Melville, N. and Son, cabinet makers and un-dertakers, Australia st, Kingston
Merrett, George, draper, Station st.
Merry, Edward, brickmaker. Wilson st.
Miller, Joseph, Oxford st.
Miller, William, tinsmith, Newtown rd.
Millgate, S. S., hay and corn dealer, Newtown rd.
Millgate, William, Camperdown rd.
Mills, W., chemist and druggist, Newtown rd.
Milne, Robert, Susan st.
Mitchell, William H., builder and undertaker, Newtown rd.
Molesworth, Mrs. Caroline Ann, Oxford st.
Mooney, Mrs. Mary, O’connell st.
Moore, Charles, Newtown rd.
Morean, Henry, hairdresser, Newtown rd.
Morkill, A, civil engineer and surveyor, New-town rd.
Morley, Mrs. Dalphy, Newtown rd.
Morris, Maurice, blacksmith, Enmore rd.
Morris, Thomas, Station st.
Moses, Mrs. Phoebe, Wilson st.
Muirson, Kenneth, Denison st., Kingston.
Mulqueeney, Thos., ‘bus proprietor, Denison st., Kingston
municipal council chambers, Bedford st., Kingston.
Munro, Henry, Wellington st.
Munro, Thomas, bootmaker, Campbell st.
Murphy, George B., farrier, Regent st.
Murphy, James, ‘bus proprietor, Mechanic st.
Murray, Charles, ‘busman, Eliza st.
Murray, James K., baker, Egan st.
Murray, Robert C., Wellington st
Natty, Conrad, tobacconist, Newtown rd.
Neal, William, Campbell st.
Nearing, John, Regent st, Kingston.
Nelson, Samuel, bootmaker, Newtown rd.
Newell, Robert W., grocer, Newtown rd.
Newell, W. H., auctioneer, Newtown rd.
Newell, William, Mechanic st.
Newey, Richard, carpenter, Camden st.
Newman, John F., watchmaker, Newtown rd.
Nicholl, Charles, clerk, Campbell st.
Nichols, Henry R., shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Nicholson, David, carter, Albemarle st.
Nicol, Robert, mariner, Campbell st.
Nightingale, Cornelius, collector, O’connell st.
Noble, J., artist, Nelson st.
Norton, Charles F., accountant, Australia st.
O’brien, Michael, Juliet st.
O’Brien, Patrick, Nelson st
Oddfellows’ Hall, Manchester Unity, Newtown rd.
Oddie, Miss A. M., school, Bryant’s. terrace, Australia st.
Oliver, Henry, clerk, Newtown rd.
Oliver, John, Union Inn, Newtown rd.
Oram, Rev., Joseph, Wesleyan Parsonage, Newtown rd.
O’Regan, Michael, dairyman, Camden st.
Osborne, Thomas, painter, Newtown rd.
Owen, Mrs. Mary Ann, Denison st., Kingston.
Page, Henry, master mariner, Richard st.
Page, William, baker, Newtown rd.
Palmer, William, gardener, James st.
Parker, William, ‘bus proprietor, Regent st., Kingston
Parkinson, Thomas, carpenter, Egan st.
Pattison, Joseph, shoemaker, James st.
Pattison, Joseph J., grocer, Newtown rd.
Payne, Edward, Prospect Place, Bligh st.
Pearce, Francis, contractor, Missenden rd.
Peden, David, Newtown rd. and Egan st.
Pedrazzi, Giacomo, tile maker, Camden st.
Peirce, Mrs. Sarah Jane, Australia st.
Peirce, T. L. R., Bucknell st.
Pemell, James, M.L.A., Enmore rd.
Perry, Francis, blacksmith, Wellington st.
Perry, John H., grocer, Wellington st.
Petler, William, Regent st., Kingston.
Phillips, Wm., furniture dealer, Newtown rd.
Philpott, Charles, Australia st.
Pile, George, accountant, Newtown rd.
Pitts, Charles, Camden st.
Playford, Richard, brickmaker, Camden st.
Pluck, Mrs. Minnie, Denison st., Kingston.
Polack, Abraham, Newtown rd.
Police Station, Newtown rd.
Powell, Burton, ‘busman, O’connell st
Pratt, William H., tailor, Newtown rd.
Prior, Charles, harness maker, Newtown rd.
Prowles, James, dealer, Newtown rd.
Purdy, John, Egan st.
Purdy, William, plasterer, Egan st.
Pyne, Charles, Campbell st
Quayle, P., master mariner St Mary’s st
Radford, John, fancy emporium, Newtown rd.
Radford, Mrs. Mary, straw bonnet maker, Newtown rd.
Railway Station, Newtown.
Ralph, Henry, Newtown rd.
Randle, Mrs. Mary Ann, Regent st.
Randle, W., contractor, Rhine Villa, Wilson st.
Rea, Alex,, professor of music, Newtown rd.
Reilly, Joseph, teacher, Denison st, Kingston.
Rens, Madame E., Charles st.
Renwick, Edward, clerk, Newtown rd.
Reynolds, Mrs. E., laundress, Longdown st.
Richards, James, ‘bus proprietor, Missenden rd.
Richardson, Catherine, White Horse Hotel,Newtown rd.
Richardson, J., time keeper, Denison st, Kingston.
Rickard, Martin C., tailor, Nelson st.
Risbey, James, grocer, Newtown rd.
Robberds, William R., Enmore road.
Roberts, John, surveyor, Hordern st.
Roberts, William, builder, Oxford st.
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, Egan st.
Robson, John, painter, Newtown rd.
Roe, William, wheelwright, Albemarle st.
Rogers, Robert, Mary st.
Rolleston, C., Linthorpe, Erskineville rd.
Rooke, Thomas, Albemarle st.
Rozea, F. M., Surrey Cottage, Australia st.
Russell, Mrs. E., Horbury terrace, Kingston.
Russell, James, Camden st.
Sadler, James, draper, Newtown rd.
Salisbury, Mrs. E. B., Oxford st.
Salmon, John, bootmaker, Elizabeth st.
Sampson, Charles, school, Campbell st.
Samuels, Saul, Rose Bank, Wilson st.
Sanders, E., Bryant’s terrace, Australia st.
Saville, R, carpenter, Regent st, Kingston.
Saxby, George, shoemaker, Wellington st.
Seaman, Edmund, plasterer, St. Mary’s st.
School of Arts, Bedford st, Kingston.
Schryver, J. H., surgeon, Camperdown rd.
Schwenck, Conrad W., locksmith, St. Mary’s st.
Scope, Mrs. Phillis, Juliet st.
Scots’ Church, Wellington st.
Scott, Charles, blacksmith, Mary st.
Scott, Thomas, clerk, Denison st, Kingston.
Sedgwick, W. G., surgeon, Newtown rd.
Seller, Thomas, Missenden rd.
Selwyn, Samuel, bootmaker, Nelson st.
Sewell, George, Camden st.
Seymour, Giles, Newtown rd.
Shannon, Thomas, leather cutter, Susan st.
Sharp, John W., engraver, Campbell st.
Sherman, John, Oxford st.
Sherry, John H., nightman, Station st.
Shoemaker, John, James st.
Short, -, wheelwright, Albemarle st.
Short, John, coach painter, Newtown rd.
Short, Mrs. Maria, greengrocer, Newtown rd.
Short, Thomas, grocer, Newtown rd.
Silvester, George, Union st.
Silvester, Robert, butcher, Newtown rd.
Sinfield, John, Wellington st.
Sivier, James, carter, Wellington st.
Skelton, John, James st.
Slade, Mrs., dairy, Newtown.
Slater, William, Oxford st.
Slaughter, William, baker, Newtown rd.
Smith, Francis, Fitzroy st.
Smith, George, Albemarle st.
Smith, George, O’Connell st.
Smith, Isaac D., draper, Albemarle st.
Smith, James, Prospect Cottage, Oxford st.
Smith, John H., hay and corn dealer and coal merchant, Newtown rd.
Smith, Thos., Bricklayer’s Arms, Newtown rd.
Smyth, Wm., Bryant’s terrace, Australia st.
Snowden, E., carpenter, Denison st, Kingston.
Spilstead, Stephen, Longdown st.
Spilsted, John, shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Spithill, Matthew, shoemaker, O’connell st.
St Julian, Charles, reporter, Juliet st.
Stack, Francis, bootmaker, Camden st.
Standen, James, draper, Newtown rd.
Staples & Seymour, drapers, Newtown rd.
Stapleton, Mrs. Mary Ann, needlewoman, Hordern st.
Stening and Griffin, butchers, Newtown rd.
Stephens, James, Longdown st.
Stephens, J. and F., farriers, Newtown rd.
Stephens, Thomas, Longdown st.
Stockley, Thomas, grocer, Newtown rd.
Stokes, John, Campbell st.
Stonier, William, warehouseman, Enmore rd.
Stott, Thomas, parcel delivery, Missenden rd.
Swift, William, Wilson st.
Symons, Silvester M., builder, Baltic st.
Talbott & Son, monumental masons, Camperdown rd.
Taylor, Edward J., Camden st.
Taylor, Rev. Robert, Newtown rd.
Taylor, T., boot and shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Taylor, Thomas, Campbell st.
Taylor, William H., painter and glazier, Regent st, Kingston.
Teeson, Charles, Juliet st.
Templeton, William R., Louisville, Wilson st.
Thompson, George, clerk, Albemarle st.
Thompson, John, carpenter, Regent st.
Thrum, George A., compositor, Camden st.
Toplis, Mrs. G. R., Charles st.
Tubby, John, carpenter, Hordern st.
Tuft, Thomas, grocer, Newtown rd.
Turnbull, A., bootmaker. Longdown st.
Turner, Alfred, grocer, Newtown rd.
Turner, Mrs. Eliza, Egan st.
Turtle, Charles, general dealer, Oxford st.
Tye, William, butcher, Newtown rd.
Underwood, Walter, horse dealer, Regent st Kingston.
Vears, Mrs. Sarah, needlewoman, Egan st.
Vermeesch, John, storekeeper, St Mary’s st.
Vincent, Mrs. Eliza, Australia st.
Voller, Rev. James, Albemarle st.
Walden, Job, engineer, Campbell st.
Walker, George, butcher, Hordern st.
Walker, John, grocer, Newtown rd.
Walker, William, Newtown rd.
Walker, William, Campbell st.
Wallach, James, Rose Cottage, Newtown rd.
Walmsley, William, Newtown rd.
Wann, James, mason, Susan st.
Ward, J, brickmaker, Denison st. Kingston.
Ware, J., carpenter & joiner, Wellington st.
Warren, John R., brickmaker, Camden st.
Warren, William, Bedford st., Kingston.
Webber, George, Wilson st.
Webster, John, Daniel Webster Hotel,Newtown rd. and Eliza st.
Wesleyan Church & School, Newtown rd.
West, Wm., newspaper agent and post office, Newtown rd.
Wharton, H., prof. of music, Wellington st.
Whately, Chas., coach builder, Newtown rd.
Wheeler, William, coach builder, Regent st.
White, James, bricklayer, Campbell st.
White, John, carpenter, Wilson st.
White, Mrs., Newtown rd.
White, Thos. A.M., clerk, Bryant’s terrace, Australia st.
Whitford, John, Orimbah terrace, Newtown rd.
Whittingham, Henry, Newtown rd.
Whitwill, Mrs. Eliza, Hordern st.
Wildman, Robert, shoemaker, Newtown rd.
Wilkins, William, Wellington st.
Williams, J., picture frame maker, Newtown rd.
Williams, Wm., brickmaker, Wilson st.
Wills, James, Wellington st.
Wilson, -, bailiff, Newtown rd.
Wilson, Mrs., O’connell st.
Wilson, William, dentist, Hordern st.
Woodley, George, bootmaker, O’connell st.
Woolley, John, plumber, Campbell st
Wrather, Alf. H., ginger beer maker, Regent st, Kingston.
Wright, Edwin, vanman, Hordern st.
Yates, James, Regent st, Kingston.
Yeo, John C., Station st.
Young, Frederick, ‘busman, Mary st.
Young, George, carpenter, Hordern st.