Tuesday 4th August 1885.

A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice at 7:30 PM.

Present, the Mayor (Mr J. F. Smith) and Aldermen Whately, Goodsell, Gibbes, Boots and Bellemey. Apologies were received from Aldermen Jolly and Peirce.


1. From the secretary for Public Works stating that in his opinion the Council should undertake the sweeping of the wooden pavement etc.. Received.

2. From St Peter’s Council asking this Council to place a lamp at the corner of May Street and Edgeware Road. Received.

3. From the Municipal Association stating the day of meeting had been postponed from the 1st to the 29th. September instant.
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4. From the Councils of Redfern and Darling[ton] intimating their acceptance of the government’s offer of £250 towards the expense of metalling Forbes Street.

5. From the Camperdown Council stating that the conference held to define the boundary between the two Boroughs it was decided to accept the line defined in a letter from Camperdown Council of date 20th July last. On a motion by Aldermen Gibbes and Goodsell letter was received and boundary as proposed agreed to.

6. From W. Merrett claiming that the drainage from Pemel’s paddock was damaging his property in Sloan Street and stating that money had been voted for some work but not expended.

7. From Messrs Hardman Brothers consenting to allow the Council to lay a pipe drain through their property in Sarah Street. Received.

8. Applications to be allowed to have earth closets were made by H. J. Atkin, J. Banks and Robert Dunn in Metropolitan Road and Thomas Whiteoak in O’Connell Street. Moved by Alderman Boots, seconded by Alderman Whately, “that the application be acceded to”. An amendment was moved by Alderman Gibbes, seconded by Alderman Bellemey, “that the application be received only”. The amendment was carried.

9. From the secretary to the Australian Gas Company stating that if this Council will order the necessary work to be done in relaying the concrete foundation and the wooden blocks that had been broken up to lay service pipes. Received and the work ordered to be done.

10. From Mr J. Abigail refusing to give up the name of the contractor who he had stated had given £5 to get a contract for kerbing and guttering. Alderman Gibbes moved it be received. The motion not being seconded it lapsed.


Alderman Goodsell presented a petition from 43 residents and property owners in Commodore, Albert and other streets in the neighbourhood praying that Commodore and Albert Streets be metalled etc. and moved that it be received. Seconded by Alderman Gibbes and carried.

A petition was also presented by the Mayor from 44 residents and property owners in King Street between railway bridge and May Street and its neighbourhood praying the Mayor to call a public meeting with a view to that portion of the Road in King Street between railway bridge and Lord Street be paved with wooden blocks. Received and the Mayor consented to make the necessary arrangements.


A report was received from the Inspector of Nuisances showing the amount of work done in his department during the last month.

Motions pursuant to notice.

Moved by Alderman Bellemey, “that a deputation from this Council together with the members for Newtown wait upon the Post Master General for the purpose of securing an earlier and extra delivery for Newtown, also to secure a more commodious site for Post and Telegraph offices”. Seconded by Alderman Whately and lost.

Orders of the day.

The Council resolved into a Committee of the whole for the purpose of opening tenders.

In Committee the tenders were duly opened and considered and on the Council’s resuming the Mayor presented the following reports: —

Report of Committee of the whole.

Your Committee having opened and duly consider the tenders recommend the acceptance of the following, viz.

Forbes Street metalling etc..

The tender of Messrs Gallagher, £759.

Painting and renovating Town Hall.

The tender of Charles James Lane, £59/10/0.

Removal of night soil from cesspits.

The tender of John Jeffrey at fourpence halfpenny per foot allowing a rebate of one penny per foot.

Removal of night soil from earth pans.

The tender of Andrew Bracken at sixpence per pan.

On the Council resuming the forgoing report of the Committee of the whole was adopted on a motion by Alderman Boots, seconded by Alderman Whately.

The business being concluded the Council rose.

Confirmed this 18th day of August 1885.

Signed J. F. Smith, Mayor.

Tuesday 18th August 1885.

A meeting of the Borough Council of Newtown was held pursuant to notice on the above day at 7:30 PM.

Present, the Mayor and Aldermen Peirce, Whately, Goodsell, Jolly, Boots and Bellemey.

The minutes of previous meeting were read and confirmed.

An apology was read from Alderman Neale who was prevented from attending through a severe cold.


1. From Mr Parr offering to supply york flagging at a schedule of prices therein named. Received.

2. From the Gas Company stating that mains would be laid in James Street, John Street, Sloan Street, Metropolitan Road, Edgeware Road and Gladstone Street. Received.

3. From the Commissioner for Roads stating that he had referred a letter from this Council respecting repairing a portion of the wood pavement in King Street to the Commissioner for Railways. Received.

4. From the Inspector of Stock with a report upon the Council pound in Wells Street. Received.

5. From Mr Bernard Bogan’s attorney with a summons to the District Court for damage said to have been caused by an overflow of stormwater. Received and the Mayor was authorised to defend the action by the Council’s solicitor.

From Mr Tyler offering to lay drain pipes through a right of way from Gladstone Street to Trafalgar Terrace if the Council would provide the pipes. Received.


A report was brought up from the Finance Committee showing accounts paid under votes of appropriation amounting to £1742/4/5 and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £275/12/11. On a motion by Alderman Peirce, seconded by Alderman Boots, the report was adopted.

A report was brought up from the Works Committee recommending the passing of kerbing and guttering in May, Maria, Alice, Camden, Iredale and Yaralla Streets and asphalting in Camden and King Streets. The alteration of a drain crossing King Street at Goodsell Street, kerbing and guttering etc. corner of Wells and John Streets and in Gladstone Street in front of Tyler’s houses and in Union Street near Knight Street and instructions to the overseer re the laying of tar pavement in King Street.

A report was received from the Inspector of Nuisances respecting the scavenging etc. during the past fortnight.

A report was received from the Borough Treasurer showing that £602/4/6 had been received since last report, that cheques had been issued during the same period amounting to £1742/4/5 and that the balance at Council’s credit at date was £1176/9/0. Received.

Motions pursuant to notice.

1. Moved by Alderman Bellemey, “that the footpath northside of O’Connell Street to boundary be asphalted at a cost not exceeding £10″. Seconded by Alderman Boots and carried.

2. Moved by Alderman Peirce that the footpaths in Eliza Street from King Street to Lennox Street be asphalted at a cost not exceeding £30”. Seconded by Alderman Jolly and carried.

3. Moved by Alderman Peirce, “that a sum of £100 be now voted for the purchase and breaking of 200 tons of white metal to be used where required in the Kingston Ward”. Seconded by Alderman Jolly and carried.

Orders of the day.

The Mayor laid on the table the papers referring to the dedication of Newman Street at the rear of the Public School and stated that inquiry had been made as to when the subdivision had be[en] made but no satisfactory information had been received when it was resolved that its consideration be postponed and made an order of the day for next meeting.

The business being concluded the Council rose.

Confirmed this 7th. day of September 1885.

Signed J. F. Smith, Mayor.

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