Council Chambers 13th June 1871.

Present the Mayor and Aldermen Henderson Galvin and Kingsbury.

At eight o’clock PM, a quorum not being present, the Mayor adjourned the meeting until Tuesday 27th. instant.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.


Council Chambers 27th. June 1871.

Present the Mayor, and Alderman Henderson, Munro, Kingsbury, Bedford, Conley, Cozens and Galvin.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Henderson and Kingsbury.


1. Letter from the Auditor General with amended form of application for endowment, to suit the requirements of the Audit Act of 1870.

2. From the Marrickville Council, in reference to a supposed agreement as to the erection of a gas lamp at the intersection of Stanmore and Enmore Roads. The Mayor said he had forwarded a letter to the Marrickville Council respecting their letter of the 18th November 1869, in which they declined to enter into any arrangement with the Newtown Council for maintaining two gas lights on the Enmore Road, Viz., one at Juliet Street and one at Stanmore Road.


The Mayor presented a petition from 102 ratepayers praying the Council to make some immediate arrangement for the more effectual cleaning of the gutters on the Main Road. Moved by Alderman Munro, seconded by Alderman Galvin, “that a letter be sent to the Trustees of Cook’s River Road, urging upon them the necessity of carrying out the arrangements made with this Council as to cleaning certain portions of the gutters twice a week”. Carried.


The Finance Committee brought up a report of accounts paid under votes of appropriation, amounting to £115/4/0, and recommending payment of accounts amounting to £5/5/2. Moved by Alderman Kingsbury, seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the report be adopted”. Carried.

Motions pursuant to notice:

1. Moved by Alderman Munro, “that the sum of £10 be voted to pay the expenses incurred by the late Returning Officer (Mr Kingsbury), in defending a prosecution under the Municipalities Act of 1867”. Alderman Munro said he considered it the duty of the Council to support any Alderman under similar circumstances. Unless some precedent was laid down, it would be difficult to obtain an Alderman to fill the office of Returning Officer. The Municipal Act being so ambiguous as to proceedings at elections, it was not easy to steer clear of some trifling omission or commission of form when conducting an election; but in this particular case it was shown that the Returning Officer had not committed any wilful breach of the Act, and the fact of the case having been dismissed, on hearing the evidence of the prosecution, was, in his opinion, sufficient to justify the Council in voting the amount. Alderman Conley seconded the motion.


Moved by Alderman Galvin, “that the amount of £10 be reduced to one farthing “.

Alderman Henderson, in seconding the Amendment, said he considered it illegal to vote the amount for such a purpose.

Alderman Kingsbury was explaining to the Council what took place at the Central Police Court in connection with the case, when Alderman Bedford retired from the Council chamber.

The Mayor considered the prosecution should not have taken place; it was unjust that any person, especially the Mayor, who had for 12 months gratuitously devoted so much time for the benefit of the Borough, should be annoyed and put to expense at the caprice of any ratepayer; and unless the Council showed that they were determined to protect a Returning Officer under similar circumstances, he should decline to accept such office.

The Amendment was put and lost. The motion was put and carried.

2. Moved by Alderman Munro, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that the £50 be voted to Kerb and Gutter such portions of the lanes in Kingston Ward as the Committee for Works may deem necessary”. Carried.

On the motion of Aldermen Kingsbury and Cozens, the Council went into Committee to determine on tenders for Kerbing and Guttering to be laid down in Kingston and O’Connell Wards.

On Council resuming the Mayor reported that the Committee were unanimous in recommending the acceptance of Mr Selby’s tender to perform the whole of the work at 3 shillings and nine pence per yard.

Moved by Alderman Galvin, seconded by Alderman Henderson, “that the report of the Committee as stated by the Mayor be adopted”. Carried unanimously.

The Council then rose.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.

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