Council Chambers 12th December 1871.

Present the Mayor and Alderman Cozens, Kingsbury, Bedford, Munro and Conley.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed on the motion of Aldermen Bedford and Cozens.


1. Letter from the Secretary General Post Office stating that the Postmaster General has been pleased to appoint Thursday next at 11 AM for the purpose of receiving a deputation from the Suburban Borough Council’s with reference to a desired reduction in the rates of postage between Sydney and the suburbs. Letter received.

2 from the Mayor of St Peter’s asking the Council to appoint two delegates to co-operate with other Suburban Councils on the question of water supply and other subjects.

Moved by Alderman Bedford, seconded by Alderman Conley, “that the Mayor with Alderman Kingsbury and Cozens be appointed to represent this Council at the proposed conference meeting”. Carried unanimously.


In reply to a question by Alderman Munro, the Mayor said that portion of the money voted for Kerbing and Guttering certain lanes on the Kingston Ward was now being expended for the purpose.

The Council then rose.

Signed W. Bailey, Mayor.

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